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Johns Hopkins University has consistently been among those right at the top for medical research and teaching. It is also said to be the first research university in the United States. One of the lesser known facts about this university is that it was probably the first to fight for women’s rights and admit them for medical studies.

Apply for Free Online Courses at Johns Hopkins University

In keeping with its conscientious approach towards contributing to society in general, among many educational institutions, this university – Johns Hopkins University offers free online courses.

Here are some of the more interesting ones.

  • Systems Thinking in Public Health: With reference to public health the world goes through several complexities. The course helps address these.
  • Chemicals and Health: This course takes you through the chemicals and in our bodies and the environment and the consequences on our health.
  • Psychological First Aid: Quite an interesting course. Here they use what they call the RAPID model (Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention and Disposition). The specialized course provides perspectives on injuries and trauma that are more than physical.

You can look up the entire list of courses on offer here.

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