James Wan Returns With Horror Flick Malignant

James Wan is back. After successes with Saw, The Conjuring and more, his new horror movie Malignant is set to be just as chilling.

What a surprise: the toxic twin phenomenon, a remake of Pixies, without mysticism at all – it’s a new James Wan film.

Many years ago, in one psychiatric clinic, a team of doctors observed an unusual patient, Gabriel, who commanded his thoughts through the radio. Once he went on a rampage, Dr Florence Weaver (Jacqueline McKenzie) and her colleagues decided to extract the tumour directly connected with Gabriel out of the body, as it started malignantly. 

With the flesh of the time, 28 years later, a pregnant woman named Madison (Annabelle Wallis) came back home from her work and quarrelled with her abusive husband. Derek (Jake Abel) pulled her down against the wall after Madison got a head trauma with a bleeding wound. She slept till midnight after waking up and found Derek bloody killed. The killer attacked Madison, knocking her out of consciousness. 

When she came to life, she lost her unborn child. The investigation started for the reason of Madison’s husband murder. At the same time, the thoughts from the past rose revealed the particularly tough truth of Madison’s birth. It disturbed not only the investigators and police, but personally Madison and all her family. 


For the whole of Wan’s career, it was the rare time when he created the plot and general line out of the yet existing mystical duties. I mean, he managed the majority of the stories, particularly his well-known Universe of curses and exercises, with the real-life cases of the providence Warren’s family. This time, he stood out from his horror routine and from the very beginning to the last full stop created the plot, together with Ingrid Bisu (The Nun, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It) Akel Cooper anew, particularly for this film. 

The central phenomenon he described was the biological disorder of twin development. Even though the plot was unique to direct Malignant, it was not so striking and outstanding as Wan’s previous films. To compare with the global cinematography, the idea of a toxic twin already appeared. 



Madison is two people in one body. Together with her twin brother, Gabrielle. He is not separate physically, but fused with the body of the second twin in the womb, due to improper development. 

Madison developed fully. Gabriel could only broadcast thoughts through the radio and manipulate energy. He has tremendous power to influence Madison’s mind. 

And from childhood, he controlled her dreams, thoughts, introduced her into deceptive states, and even was the cause of hallucinations. 

Therefore, Madison was admitted to an asylum, where doctors examined her brain, soul and behaviour. 

In one of the crises, Dr Florence Weaver performed radical surgery, Madison was a teen girl at that time. Part of the twin was removed, part was sewn into the skull to make it less harmful for Madison. 

After a long time and due to the impact, Madison came to life. And everything began to repeat itself – a voice in her head, murders, psycho exhaustion. Everything seems horrible then. 

A bloody script, as Wan did in his cult series of Saw. So if you love blood, carnage, the adrenaline of the chase – this film is for you. If you are rather like me, at the sight of the name of James Wan on the poster, your mind envelops the anticipation of mysticism and spiritualism, there is no need to hope. 


Connecting A London Legend and Lord Voldemort

This time, Wan fills it with blood and a girl wandering through her mind. But what captivates the rank of screen horror king for James Wan, is the presence of such a hero as an urban legend of London, in the 19th century. 

Edward Mordake is a guy with two faces on his head. He was handsome, talented, but the face on the back radiated evil; it was even called demonic. The toxic twin interfered with Edward’s life in every liable way. At the age of 23, Edward committed suicide by shooting his second face.

But there is another character that everyone knows for sure – dark Lord Voldemort. The appearance of the two-faced film character of the first part of Harry Potter is not remembered only by those who have never read or watched it. It has a thrilling ending as Professor Quirinius Quirrell reveals his secret under the turban. 

The Dark Lord is an antipode and a masterfully interpreted legend that seems to draw out on-screen stories perfectly. Although so far, the part of Malignant is significantly inferior to the well-known films of the director.

To sum up, you could watch it just for the case, but not believe the poster – James Wan is not the same.

Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

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