Is Nine-to-Five Secretly Great?

With so many different types of jobs emerging every day, should we lay rest to the nine-to-five system or keep the classic around?

It seems that nowadays, in the height of the digital age, most youngsters dream of making a living through social media or becoming freelancers and controlling their schedules. And as some bob along to Dolly Parton’s classic 9 to 5, its lyrics still ringing true, they become more and more confident of their choice to leave the traditional work format behind and set on their own path. But what if a nine-to-five isn’t all so bad? What if, contrary to the country queen’s words, working nine-to-five isn’t all taking and no giving? 

Can an office job actually not be dreadful?! *Insert dramatic gasp* There must be some reason why the system has stuck around for this long! Therefore, let’s dive into why some swear by nine-to-five jobs. 


Routine Might Become Your New Best Friend

When people hear the word ‘routine’, many run in the opposite direction, fearing that what will come from this term will only be boredom. But what if having a routine in your work life will allow for spontaneity in your personal life?   

Although some believe that starting their own businesses or becoming their own bosses will ensure they have control over their time, it’s easier said than done. Do you know that TikTok sound “I didn’t want to work a nine-to-five so I started my own business… now I work 24/7”? Well, that’s more like the reality of freelancers and business owners! A nine-to-five prevents this by setting a chunk time for you to get work done, creating a structure for you to follow, and accordingly allowing you peace of mind afterward.

However, don’t think that just because you are working a nine-to-five, you’re in the clear and will magically have a balanced life. This type of job format will certainly help you reach that balance, but you still need to make an effort to ensure that once the clock strikes five, you empty your head of work-related problems and focus on the activities of your personal life.


You Will Never Be Alone

Yes, while your boss is yelling at you for a small mistake or an annoying co-worker keeps asking you repeatedly to do a task that is clearly their responsibility, you might disagree with this second point, but trust me when I say; working a nine-to-five means that you will not be alone. How so? Well, once you sign your work contract, you are immediately welcomed into a family. A family, I might add, that will pay for your health insurance and can offer a shoulder or a listening ear to whatever problem, personal or work-related, you need to talk about (HR, you are the unseen heroes).

Another way you will not be alone is through the people you will meet and the connections you’ll make. Although starting a business or being a freelancer will allow you to get in touch with some individuals, the circles you form might still be somewhat restricted. Having a nine-to-five will not only allow you to form friends the way you did when you were a child in a classroom (the small proximity forcing you to get to know one another), but it’ll also introduce you to a great variety of people as you meet individuals from different departments, branches, and/or even clients. Plus, how can one pass up the opportunity of snatching some birthday cake at least once a month or going to an office party with your work bestie and spending the night discovering office drama?!


Your Creativity Can Run Free

While not many link creativity and nine-to-five together, you’d be surprised at how these seemingly boring jobs can actually get your creative juices flowing. You see, working within a set schedule forces you to learn how to prioritize tasks and focus on what’s important. Furthermore, nine-to-fives really do promote the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’, especially when it comes to boring tasks. As you find different ways to solve problems and learn from the colleagues around you, you’ll discover that with time the way you face your work and personal issues will change as your mindset does too.

And in the instance that all you’re given to do are tedious tasks, the distraction away from your phone screen might just allow your mind to wander far enough for your imagination to run wild. Who knows, maybe while you’re getting the team’s coffee or copying a memo for the entire company, you’ll come up with the next bestseller book idea.

Another way nine-to-five can encourage creativity is by allowing you the time to wind down after work and pursue your desired activities. Touching upon our first point, the advantage of having set working hours means you’re free to have true personal life where you can choose to participate in activities that’ll make you happy.


Final Thoughts

So, should nine-to-five become extinct? Maybe… maybe not. But this isn’t the question you should be asking yourself. Instead, why not ask, “Is a nine-to-five job for me?” 

Although we’ve discussed some benefits not many consider when applying to nine-to-five positions, there are still some disadvantages surrounding this work system. For some, the benefits might outweigh the drawbacks. But for others, choosing the freelance path might be the only way as they find the drawbacks of nine-to-fives very off-putting.

It would help if you considered several things when deciding on the way you want to work, including your personality type, the job you’re looking for, and the factors important to you. But if you are still struggling to make a choice, my advice would be to try and keep trying until you find what works for you.



Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock


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