Is It a Backpack or a Stool? Actually It Is Both. Check an Astonishing Invention Made by Czech Young Man

A 26-year-old Czech entrepreneur Petr Hudeček doesn’t waste time waiting for the riches to fall into his lap. Instead, he is working on a new concept – the so-called Bagobago backpack, which already has a potential of succeeding abroad.

His invention is a backpack that can transform into a stool, making it possible for people to sit down and relax literally anywhere. According to Hudeček, his father was the one who first came up with the idea after he broke his leg.

“He spent a long time in bed, and when he began making his first steps again, they were accompanied by great pain. He often needed to relax and sit down but had a painful experience of finding out that seating is pretty scarce. So he thought it would be great to have his own place to sit and carry it around everywhere,” stated Hudeček.

This is how the concept of the Bagobago backpack was born. It brought together designers, orthopedists and manufacturers and created and patented the design of the world’s first sitting backpack with elegantly built-in stool that will allow people to sit down comfortably.

The stool is hidden in the interior of the backpack and the construction is designed to prevent damage to its contents.

It took Hudeček about one year to go from an idea to creating the first backpack. “It was not until the 13th version that we were happy enough with it to enter the market. During the development stage, we consulted the idea with various experts,” stated Hudeček.

Today, the Bagobago backpack is a family business that tries to expand from the Czech Republic to other countries around the world.

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