Is Corporate Responsibility Key to Sustainability?: Youth Time Set for Opening Day of Free Online Event

Tomorrow, Youth Time first free 100% online event kicks off as we go in-depth on corporate social responsibility. Here's what to expect!

From 1.30pm CET on tomorrow (Tuesday 9th March), Youth Time International Movement will host its first day of their free online event: Is Corporate Responsibility (CSR) Key to Sustainability?

Over the four days, there will be talks from experts across the world on this intriguing topic, with plenty of ways to get involved yourself too. 

If you haven’t registered, there is still time to join us across the week and here at Youth Time Magazine, we will be providing you with all the best bits at the end of each day.

Here is what you can expect from day one. 


Youth Time Team and the UN

We kick off the week with an opening speech from our team here at Youth Time, giving you the lowdown of the excitement ahead before we hear from our first speaker, Waleed Sadek on The UN stance on global issues and if CSR is a way forward. 

Dr. Sadek nominated as one from the Global Leaders of the Generation Equality – United Nations 2020 & Nominated as United Nations global champion for women economic empowerment 2017. 

He will be talking us through the sustainable development goals of the UN and how CSR plays its part in achieving them. 

He will explain the stance of the UN and introduce the event to what CSR is and how it benefits businesses themselves. 

This is a unique opportunity to not just hear from one of the UNs leading professionals, but also ask questions and join the discussion.

This is set to start at 1.45pm and will last for just over an hour, but don’t worry if you can’t watch it live – you will be able to watch it back afterwards. 


From the UN to Guyana

Next up, we head to Guyana to hear from Andriska Ridley-Josiah at the Wellness Center, who will be holding a session on how to establish a self-care routine and will provide mental wellness tips for the workplace, recognising signs of stress and burnout, and the effects of such on the individual.

CSR goes further than simply the link between corporate worlds and NGOs and Charities. It has a big influence on all our lives in many areas you may not think of. 

One aspect of this, where without would cause more disruptions at work, is the amount of programs set up and run to help with everyone’s mental wellbeing. 

Andriska is part of The Wellness Center, an NGO created to help give support, training, and raise awareness on mental health in Guyana where they have one of the highest suicidal rates in the world. 

Without the support of many other CSR programs and NGOs they will not be able to exist to help their communities deal with the struggles that life brings.

Andriska will be holding the session to pass on tips and knowledge to help all who attend to improve their mental wellbeing.


ReImagined Futures

Rounding off a stacked first day is Viliana Dzhartova, the Co-founder of ReImagined Futures – Consultants for Systems change, Social innovation, Social impact, and CSR, Relmagined Futures.

Viliana will be discussing and talking about how CSR is not only nice to have but, in many contexts, it is a must have. 

She will explain the six broad stages of companies’ engagement with CSR and how we are starting to see important business benefits from moving up these stages – moving beyond the traditional concept of CSR and truly embedding social and environmental impact into the DNA of the company.

This is not just a learning experience but an open discussion in how we, and businesses, can achieve positive social impact.

Remember the only way you can catch this opening day is by registering before we get going. 

This will also give you all of the latest updates throughout the week as well as the chance to get involved with things like our breakout zones, happening after every day at 6pm CET – the perfect time to network and discuss what you have heard throughout the day. 

Design: Frank Spindelaar / Youth Time

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