International Student Competition “Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016”


One of the world’s biggest automative suppliers Valeo Group is offering students worldwide the opportunity to make the car of 2030 and the way it’s used more intelligent, intuitive, green and fun. You have chance to win up to  €100,000. Deadline to apply is January 15.

Comprising teams of two to five people, students from any discipline can take part by presenting a relevant, innovative project in English. The aim is to stimulate the students’ creativity, enabling them to form multidisciplinary teams. The Valeo Innovation Challenge is part of Valeo’s innovation strategy, supported by the company’s annual Research and Development budget of over €1 billion.
24 projects selected for the model phase will receive financial assistance. A first prize of €100,000 will be awarded on completion of the contest in each of the following categories:  a) The innovation prize for the best technological innovation; b) The idea price for new ways of using the car; c) The second prize for each in these two categories is €10,000.

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