Inspiring Stories of Struggling People

Coming up with a genius project sounds like a gold mine. Running a business and fighting for it's very existence is a different matter. As W. Churchill once said: History is written by the victors. The less lucky have to wait to see if the future will be in their favour. That does not change anything about their determination or brilliance. Quite the opposite. This week the movie picks are dedicated to inspiring stories of people who had to struggle a lot for their enterprise.

The Post

A true story of a journalists from The Washington Post who decided to publish top secret Pentagon Papers about the American involvement in the Vietnam war and the whys of it. The government though is of quite an opposite opinion and has no intention letting the story see the light of the day. Thus, a new war begins – the journalist with the publisher of The Washington Post Kate Graham (Meryl Streep) and her chief editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) on one side and the American government as the enemy.

Tucker: The Man and his dream

The movie aptly presents itself in the beginning: “Chances are you´ve never heard of Preston Thomas Tucker, dreamer, inventor, visionary, a man ahead of his time.”…and the answer might be: “Probably not.” Preston Tucker was known to be a man with an exceptionally positive approach. What was to be a futuristic family car with all new safety features and a low price, hit many obstacles created by the large automobile makers. However, let´s start from the beginning and enjoy this delightful film.

Lykke-Per (Fortunate Man)

Based on the novel by the Danish Nobel Prize–winning author Henrik Pontoppidan, it tells the story of a young gifted man Per Sidenius. On one hand is his genius with an innovative plan of using natural energy and coming in his way is his unfavourable background culminating into adverse personality traits. A narrative story that reaches into your core.

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