7 Most Innovative Startups in Croatia

Croatia it's not just the country where cravat (tie) was invented few centuries ago, nor just the country with paradise look-alike beaches, hundreds of islands and breathtaking architecture. Croatia is also moving forward by being the most creative and interesting start-up environment in the region of South East Europe. 
In this article, as in all previous ones we will show just seven startups in order to present the Croatian start-up scene to our readers, but the list of start-ups in Croatia is incredibly impressive and with a lot of potential for global market.

The list of the best startups in Croatia

1. Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a company that breaks boundaries by providing smart tech solutions that improve women’s lives. The Bellabeat app allows women to connect with other women. Moms and moms-to-be can swap advice, encouragement, and those precious moments worth sharing.
This start-up has created a family of products that is kind to both moms and nature: Bellabeat Shell, Bellabeat Leaf, and Bellabeat Balance are built with the highest quality wood in order to be durable, natural, renewable and to help tackle climate change.
They wanted to remove the barrier between nature and technology by creating organic innovations that will bring pregnancy closer to the simplicity, peace, and beauty of nature.

2. Bazzar.hr

As its name ‘speaks’ bazzar-marketplace this is the real-deal marketplace where you can sell/buy everything. I do repeat it again there you can find everything starting from cars, homes, clothes, food and so on.
Bazzar.hr is founded in 2013 and Startup-Weekend Dubrovnik gave them the very first push into the start-up scene in Croatia, I back this on the fact some of this listed start-ups here already have moved in San Francisvo a.k.a ‘The Start-ups Planet’.

3. MadBarz

If you haven’t heard about this gym app until now, instead you have been going to gym, I’m telling you; you have missed quite a lot. As soon as you have downloaded this app, you can work out at the home, office, in a park, basically from anywhere, and the greatest fact: IT’S FREE.
MadBarz is like a personal trainer who personalizes your workouts and leads you through them. I’m using it for about two months and I just can say it’s the only worthy thing on my phone.

4. CodeAnywhere

Codeanywhere is a very interesting collaboration platform for developers which enables them to share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in realtime, to make the description short and simple: Think for it as Google Docs for developers.

5. Farmeron

Farmeron is world’s first cloud-based dairy farm business management software platform. Built by farmers, for farmers – with a mission to improve dairy performance and profits throughout the world.
6. MicroBLINK
MicroBLINK is a software development start-up that develops proprietary computer vision technology for smartphones and other devices. Their customers are from over 30 different countries around the world, including banks & financial institutions, telecommunication companies, retail companies, and other service and production-oriented companies.
Teddy The Guardian
This is the first smart teddy bear on the market, which measures vitals upon the contact with the baby.
It is a hand made product from the best organic cotton, designed by your child and made with love. Using the best medical sensors to capture medical data during the play and reports it back to the parent’s app.
And to wrap it up, personally I’ve been few times in Croatia sometimes for vacations in their breathtaking seaside and to explore the wonderful architecture but just while I was searching to prepare this article it crossed to my mind that I should make a trip there and get in touch with their awesome start-up scene.


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