7 Most Innovative Startups in Norway

By some points this Scandinavian country is a paradise for start-ups and entrepreneurs. In this matter Norway have a very unique start-up scene. With one of the healthiest social support and being one of the countries with the highest standard of living, in this environment for sure Norwegian entrepreneurs are free to take risks.
Kahoot is a global educational brand that creates classroom heroes. Students take control of their own learning through research and creation they inquire with meaningful questions, turning them into leaders. Easy to be used, inclusive and highly engaging. Backed by academic research. Using technology in classroom will never be mainstream as we are used to see.

At Fanbooster they believe that business strategy will be increasingly shaped by insights from online data. Organizations will look outside, beyond their internal reporting systems to a world of data that is constantly growing and changing.  Fanbooster offers a complete solution for social media marketing – with tools for advertising, campaign management, publishing and customer management. Fanbooster, a Facebook® Marketing Partner, provides a complete range of powerful tools for your social media marketing.
This start up helps companies to make better and more informed decisions based on insights from the outside.  With 50 offices on six continents, Meltwater is dedicated to personal and global service built on local expertise.
Timely is the time tracking app to end time tracking. Schedule and log hours, simultaneously, the function of this app It’s amazingly simple.
Timely is tiny, but passionate software company from Oslo. They are on a quest to rid the world of time tracking, so, they are working endlessly to make this happen.

Dirtybit is a Norwegian mobile game company that created the successful multiplayer games Fun Run and Fun Run 2 (65M downloads).
Dirtybit creates memorable moments through mobile games that friends can play together – anywhere and anytime! It was the first company to have success with a real-time multiplayer mobile game: Fun Run with 50 million downloads, until March 2015, and again with Fun Run 2 with 15 million downloads, until February 2015. This start-up  has established itself as one of Norways most promising mobile start-up.

Moose on the Loose – a new and exciting Norwegian Clothing brand, their targeted market are teenagers. Moose on the Loose has started as a modest idea in 2001. A few years later, the fashion line was formed and suddenly everything took completely off, and before a single t-shirt was sold, the colorful Moose reached more than 10,000 supporters on their Facebook page.

CHECKD is a mobile software suite developed specifically for construction field workers. Checkd was launched in 2012 by founder Tom-Erik von Krogh-Martinsen. He had worked several years in the construction industry and he felt the industry was falling behind and not fitting in to a modern society. For instance, the way project managers delegate assignments and tasks had not changed since the egyptians were building pyramids.

Lately I’ve been reading many articles about startups, checking lists of the ‘best countries for startups’. Usually Chile and Israel are leading on this aspect. And when I was making a research about Norway and asking some friends from there about their experiences, to be honest I’m blown away about the almost perfect Norwegian environment for innovative projects. So, indeed it was tough to pick just 7 from all that massive startup scene there, but I tried to select some that are cooler and meanwhile can inspire people from around the world.

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