7 Most-Innovative Start-ups in Italy

Italy has a very interesting and unique start-up scene, the combination of manufacture tradition with the newest technological trends and last but not least adding the flavor of Italian creativity, without any doubt the final product it's going to be wonderful one. Listed below we are bringing to you just a piece of the huge 'cake' of the Italian start-up scene.

Amiko is a start-up committed to bring radically better healthcare eco-system. Their work is focused on addressing medication adherence, so through this they want to improve the quality of life of patients and their families, and most importantly to optimize operations in healthcare and lower public expenditures.


Buzzoole’s algorithm allows Social Media users to optimize their online presence and discover the topics they are most influential in.
GeniusVeg revolutionizes the way you do your shopping by offering the tools and the knowledge to choose the food that you put in the cart or table based on the type of ingredients on the label. With GeniusVeg read the label and understand the ingredients will not be a problem.

OilProject is the largest free online school in Italy, with a massive amount of content, with possibility to study whenever and wherever you are. OilProject is an online community where you can find lessons on many different materials. Each course is a collection of videos, texts and exercises.

Starteeed is the social crowdfunding online platform where you can realize your idea with the support of a vert passionate community. Get funds, find partners, get suggestions to improve your idea, promote and sell it to your fans.


Winezon is a great place to buy wine online and offers a wide selection of wines from several wineries throughout Italy. To put it in few simple words: This is the ultimate and most important online market for wine lovers.


ZonzoFox isn’t just a tech platform, it is also a business platform. Through their tech-tools this start-up offers free services to tourists and also sells premium services to local businesses, big brands and local institutions interested in targeted advertising and destination marketing in Italy.

Overall conclusion, one thing identifies and makes the difference between italian start-ups and start-ups elsewhere it’s the “design” and for sure, we all use the synonym the word “design” with Italy or anything that has to do with Italians. So, this proves that Italy hasn’t culture only of culinary excellence, but also in technology, innovation and above all design.

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