7 Most Innovative Start-ups in Denmark

Actually there’s something pretty awesome in Denmark: known as a breakout startup scene that has already started to make its mark in the start-up ‘movement’ from around the world. Talent and drive for innovation is building a totally new generation of businesses with an ambitious global outlook. 
A very crucial role in this matter of course have the overall living standard of the society level of education and the huge market. The list of these start-ups is quite long but in this article we tried to wrap up just 7 of them trying to include all fields.
The non-profit app ‘Be My Eyes’ will connect blind people and visually impaired with a community of normal sighted volunteers. Both parties install the app and when the blind person needs help he/she uses the app which calls out to the network of volunteers and sends a live video stream from the blind person’s device to the screen of the volunteer’s device. This way the volunteers can “be the blind persons eyes” over the smartphone!
See image above
Their mission is to help airpassengers receive the compensation they are legally entitled to when the flight is disrupted.
If you have been on a delayed flight within the last 3 years that caused a delay of more than 3 hours, you could be entitled to €125-€600 from the airline.
Artboost aspires to be the most loved and social online marketplace, worldwide where you can discover and buy unique art directly from creative individuals in an engaging and personal experience.

Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences for magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Sinc it is launched millions of people have uploaded their best publications to create beautiful digital editions. 
Podio is the new way to communicate, organize and get work done in teams, this online pltform removes the three main pain-points of modern collaboration: unmanageable email traffic, unstructured documents, and inflexible, disconnected software systems. Podio helps over 500,000 organizations run company departments and manage projects more efficiently.

Name itself explains all, this startup goal is to help connecting entrepreneurs while they are traveling, so if you are an startuper and you travel often, you definitely should sign up, this platform offers contacts and network of entrepreneurs from all around the world.
Woomio optimizes and values the relationship between bloggers and web shops and gives you the opportunity to make money while blogging.
As soon as you are signed up, they make the deals with your favourite shops and brands so you can continue to link to them but at the same time make money on referring to them, gather all your deals in one place and give you a tool that with a single click puts your links into our system, they will make your statistics easily understandable and manageable so that you can easily see which topics easily generates the desired sales on your blog and which topics your visitors prefer to read about.
And to summarize all this article, there’s always a ‘big’ question raised: What do all these companies have in common? Well, that’s not difficult to be answered, they are founded in the ‘Happiest Country’ in the World of the 21st century.

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