7 Most Innovative Start-ups in Brazil

The country that hosted "2014 World Championship of Football" and it is on preparation to host the "Olympics 2016" of course we may expect a boom of new start-ups, below you will find some of start-ups that are leading the 'game'.


Tripda is a ride-sharing community for long-distance travel. Offer or find a ride, share expenses and make new friends!This platform allows regular people to reduce their travel costs, meet new friends, and conveniently reach their destination, all this in a super simple, cool, and environmental friendly way.


boo-box is the first advertising tech & social media player in Brazil, described by TechCrunch as “Brazil’s Web 2.0 Ad Network”. In the beginning of 2012, it was considered one of the five most innovative advertising companies in the world by the North-American magazine Fast Company. 

Kekanto is not only about discovering the best venues in town (and avoiding the bad ones, of course); it is also about IMPROVING cities. The more we share our experiences, more we point out what is good and help changing what disapoints us.

This app give you the opportunity to discover inspiration and images of everything you love on your every day life! It helps you to find, save, and share all of the most beautiful images with its community and around the internet for your inspiration.

E.life is a leading company in consumer-generated media analysis and interactions providing services and software tools worldwide.

Runrun.it is a web service that is built entirely upon the needs of real teams managers. It is not just a to-do-list service, this start-up is dedicated to help organizations and other businesses on increasing the productivity of teams, to make it short and simple this platform is “Made by managers for managers.”

Ticies is a social city guide, designed to make life easier for thousands of people worldwide, while deciding what to do and where to go when they are on the move.

Interesting fact, beside the awesome work and impact that they are doing their founders can teach you how to play football, and when I’m talking about football I mean the samba-like football moves. So, consider this bonus.


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