7 Most Innovative Start-ups in Belgium


We continue publishing articles related to the best startups in different countries around the world. This week we focused attention on Belgium and its most innovative projects.

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Kopterman is a Belgian company that provides high-end close range aerial imaging. They use remote controlled helicopters to fly with professional HD cameras like Red Epic, Scarlet, Black Magic and DSLRs. Their aim is to deliver high-end aerial shots for cinema, television productions and commercials. They also provide high resolution aerial photography with Canon 5D and even medium format digital backs like Phase One.


Djump is a mobile application that helps you quickly get around the city thanks to a fresh community of handpicked drivers. All their drivers have been approved by the company and are eager to offer their empty seats so you can get to where you need to go. It’s a win-win situation! 


The neoScores® application gives musicians the opportunity to simply and securely buy and use sheet music and to share notes with fellow musicians. The application allows to use digital scores via smartphone, tablet or computer through any operating system. That’s how neoScores® wants to change the way sheet music is bought and used by musicians all over the world, available for Android & IOS.


VISUPEDIA has developed VISU©, the new visual and interactive format to describe and explain any topic and convert information into sales. VISU© can be natively published in owned, earned and paid media. After successfully testing its solution locally, VISUPEDIA is now starting a 3rd fundraising round to expand internationally .


Figibox lets users drop hidden messages in real locations for friends and others to discover. With your Mobile device you will be able to scan the space around you to capture the Figibox messages. When you are within 30 meters of the Figobox, tap to open the message and you discover what was hidden inside. It can be a riddle, a map, a physical treasure, clues to destiny, audiovisual content, traveling tips, or memories … here is where your personal history comes in. 


Greenamity helps people and companies calculate, reduce and neutralize their CO2 emissions. With Greenamity, everyone can take action for the planet and get the best out of their environmental commitment. You can contribute to and follow the progress of their reforestation projects. Each tree they plant is geo-localised and up to date pictures are provided so that you can be the ultimate verifier. This means that all their supporters can monitor that the project is flourishing and continuing to fulfil its role in CO2 absorption.


Wakati One is an innovative technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in developing countries. With a small solar panel of just 3 Watts, Wakati creates a sterilized micro climate that dramatically increase the shelf life of these crops.

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