7 Most Innovative Start-ups in Algeria

Algeria currently is experiencing a very fast-growing enthusiasm for new technology, a rapidly growing IT market as a result of many Algerian entrepreneurs who are motivated and own all the needed skills to make great ideas real life solutions. In this article we will introduce you just some of these very interesting start-ups with a very promising future.

Alhubeco is an Algerian news site dealing with news about the economy, the digital economy , the media , new technologies , investment and entrepreneurship in Algeria.


Dirassatti is an Algerian school support site, which offers courses , exercises with solutions, videos and quizzes for all grade levels from primary school to university (currently the site provides content only for level Bachelor).

Eurl Guiddini is an Algerian Start-up founded in 2009, Mourad Mechta. Specializing in E-commerce, the company is a leader in the sale and purchase on line in Algeria. Having grown steadily, Guiddini expanded its network across several provinces such as Algiers, Setif, Bordj El etc.
i/oGrow is a platform targeted start-ups and small companies to grow their business, assisting them to build and manage an effective ecosystem of customers.
Lkeria offers the possibility of inserting real estate ads with photos, videos, and offers a very varied range of cheap offers of real estate .
It is also the only site in Algeria that gives you the possibility to calculate your tax on the rental income or calculate the score of your social housing application folder.

N’TIC Magazine

N’TIC magazine is the first free monthly online-magazine in Algeria dealing with all the new information and communications technology.

DzMob is a very dynamic mobile agency based in Paris and Algiers that is specialized for iPhone Application Development , iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

For sure, considering the region and many other issues young Algerians should feel proud for the work that they are doing, and yes they have the potential it’s just the need to create opportunities and secure the needed resources.

Photo: Leonid Andronov/shutterstock

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