In The World Of Romeo And Juliet – Study In Verona, Italy

Next from our university cities is the city of love that inspired William Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet. Till this day Verona attracts couples of all ages and of course students from various countries.

It’s another story that Shakespeare never visited Verona and there exists a house, ostensibly Juliet’s house, which was actually bought by the municipality of Verona and named as the house Juliet lived in. The house attracts millions of tourists and innumerable people write letters to the fictional Juliet asking for advice on love. There is even a statue of Juliet in the city. It is believed that if you rub the right breast of the statue, it’ll bring you luck in love. In this process of rubbing the size of the right breast has got reduced significantly and a fair amount of damage done. However, the city truly inspires love.

With all the tourists visiting this city there obviously is an atmosphere of many countries and cultures.

In this backdrop we introduce you to the University of Verona. Although the city has only one public university we could not have ignored it in our series of articles since the university has been adjudged the best non private university in Italy.  They offer a host of courses and as usual we would recommend you visit their website to identify what would be most suited to you :

Università Di Verona
Official website

Making friends and acquaintances in the city should not be difficult at all. There in fact exists an international students union as a registered body where you get to meet students from different parts of the world.


While you budget for 1000 to 1200 $ towards annualized fees for your studies and the cost of living in Verona is marginally lower than Milan and Florence we would still recommend approximately 1100 $ per month towards your living expenses inclusive of shared accommodations. As is commonly found in most parts of Italy, many families welcome you as a paying guest or you could look for a shared accommodation with other students.

Most of the distances in the city are walkable and for those unwilling to do the exercise there is public transport in the form of buses. All in all, a comfortable city with a great atmosphere. Only to underline the fact this is the city of love and has left an impact on the local populace as well given that the brains of most thinking beings are wired for giving and receiving affection.

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