Importance of Fluent English for your Future Career

Ever wondered why our teachers constantly call us for not speaking English in the class while talking to our friends even though it is not our native language? This question has logic to back it. Today, all over the world, there has been an increase in the English language speaking population. Many countries have embedded this language as an essential part of the school curriculum to grasp a more substantial grip.


How Did English Become So Popular?

One may wonder why, out of 7000+ languages globally, English is the most spoken language in the world.

The answer dates back to the history of colonization of various countries worldwide by the British.

They colonized as much as 25% of the land on Earth.

During this colonization, they promoted, or if more appropriately described, imposed this language on their subjects to rule the world and fulfill their ill-willed intents.

Due to this, English started to be used for official and unofficial workings alike, including politics, trade, business, media, and more.


It might seem insensitive to idolize a language forced upon our ancestors by the Britishers to fulfill their wrongful intentions to dominate.

However, it is because of practical reasons, for our advancement, that we should study this language. English speaking will provide you opportunities that you would otherwise be isolated from.

Let us learn how English can be an asset for our career and help us get ahead.


Widely Spoken Language

Several countries today have English speaking population.

Being a native language of countries such as the United States of America, Canada, and Australia, the second language of Sweden and Germany, and the official language in countries like India and Singapore, English has become the backbone of communication worldwide.

With so many people speaking English, it is only fair to say that knowing English would give you an advantage to network efficiently, to reach out quickly, or even to understand others easily.

A fun fact is that one out of every five people in the world can either speak or understand English.


Admissions in Top Colleges

Are you planning to study in the best colleges all over the world?

A requirement for most of these colleges, especially in the UK, Canada, and the USA, is to clear TOEFL and IELTS exams.

These are the leading English Language Proficiency Tests accepted in Universities in English-speaking countries.

To clear these, one must possess the proper understanding and application of the English Language.

Many Universities also give you the option to undertake classes and learn the language if you are not familiar with it.

Thus, knowing the English Language opens the doors to new opportunities for you.

You would be able to acquire education from the most prestigious institutions and create a name for yourself.


Access to More Literary Resources

The English Language has carved out brilliant pieces of art in literature form.

There are innumerable books initially written in English that have received immense praise and honor.

Not having a grip over the language can prove to be a shortfall in this regard.

Most of the curriculum for higher studies is also available in English.

It can pose a threat as there may be no translations, or the existing translations might have errors.


Benefit to Business

Knowing English would help our business to flourish in many ways:

  • We would be able to acknowledge the needs of our consumer base and provide them impeccable customer service.
  • It would increase our communication, networks, and understanding of the requirements of clients and employees from different backgrounds.
  • We would be able to expand without hassles due to the ease of fulfillment of international laws, correspondence with business partners, and international relations.


English is also the language of Internet users, with over a billion of them speaking it. It can be an advantage for our business as we can indulge in inexpensive social media marketing.


  1. Ease in Getting a Job


Today, most multinational corporations require their employees to possess a good knowledge of English for multiple reasons, including clarity in conveying tasks, moderate client communication, and ease in understanding the various training sessions.


Working knowledge of English will also equip us to converse well with our co-workers from diverse backgrounds. It would help us work in peace with one another without any loss due to errors of incorrect translation.



How to Master English?

Since we discussed the crucial advantages and growing demand of English Speaking populations, a significant question is how to get better at this language?


There are various methods:


  • Read, read, read!

Do not shy away from reading all you can- be it newspapers, novels, biography, fiction, comics, or even your clothes’ labels.

Reading will help you get aware of a vast vocabulary and proper usage of grammar.

Write down the vocabulary in a diary to refer back again.


  • Explore the Internet

There are numerous resources available on the internet.

You could take English lessons from online tutors available on TutorOcean.

It is one such platform where you can find learning resources along with tutors online to prepare you for IELTS and TOEFL from the comfort of your own place to help you succeed at your goals.

With this, a fairly common problem of accents, pronunciation, and clarity of words also gets solved.


  • Talk to People

Talk regularly with your English-speaking friends and relatives.

Ask questions, build conversations, and do not hesitate to welcome any corrections. In case your known ones do not speak English, talk to people on the internet.

Build notes and practice every day.

  • Enroll Yourself in Classes

If you are considering learning English for an academic requirement and the work is urgent, enroll yourself in classes or hire a tutor.

Complete attention will be on you, resulting in accountability from your side.



Studying a language other than your mother tongue will make you versatile, strong-headed, and much more confident in life.

English will ensure you a successful career with countless opportunities lying in your way.

Staying true to your mother tongue and using it in your personal life will help you preserve it.

Thus, to give yourself an audience to show your works, to network, and to understand people from various backgrounds, one should get acquainted with English.

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