Idea Contest ‘Imagine Europe’: People of All Nationalities are Welcome to Participate

Imagine Europe is an idea contest inviting everyone (all ages & nationalities) to present their vision of Europe in 2050 in a short written and video-recorded pitch. At least 5 participants will win 500 € each and will be invited to an international workshop with European decision-makers and change-makers (travel, accommodation and subsistence costs covered). The deadline to apply is on 28 February 2019.

Entries will be judged by a panel of juries, online users and public voters in different cities around Europe.

Steps to apply:

  1. Write a pitch of up to 500 words on the topic “My vision of Europe in 2050”
  2. Record your pitch in video-format. You may decide to either appear yourself in front of the camera, ask another person to perform your pitch, or have your pitch delivered as a voiceover and use other video footage to illustrate your ideas. Your video may be max. 3 min. in length.
  3. Submit your written & recorded pitch.

Winners will receive their prizes and will be invited to international workshops starting from June 2019. As a winner, you will be invited to present your pitch in front of European decision- and change-makers with whom you will have the chance to debate your ideas.

Applicants of all ages and all nationalities are welcome to apply.

You may choose to submit an entry in English or any other language provided you add English subtitles.

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