Iced Coffee – Three Times Differently


There is no Coffee like Iced Coffee. The experts on coffee know the differences, while in practice there is still confusion over what you want to order and what you get. Which are the major ones – check out with us.

Iced Coffee

is a tall cold coffee (based on an espresso or instant coffee) topped with crushed ice – mixed or shaken – accompanied with milk.

Greek Frappe

Iced Coffee
is usually understood to be a tall cold coffee (based on an espresso) with ice and a scoop of a vanilla ice cream, cold milk and sometimes also with whipped cream. This varies from place to place and sometimes the ice cream is missing or even is charged for separately, if you insist on it.

Iced Coffee with an Ice cream

While the above two drinks are served in a tall glass, Affogato could be considered a drink which is a dessert. It is a shot of an espresso topped with a scoop of ice cream that slowly melts.



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