How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Pandemic

Daily life has changed significantly since our movements are restricted to support the efforts of slowing down the spread of the virus. All of us live the form of reality which hopefully will not last forever and will not be considered under the term normality. The life of an ordinary man has slowed down and the only secure place is home. 

Recognize the Need for Mental Health Help


Our Mental Health during Pandemic: According to the report of the World Health Organisation, it is normal and expected to experience fear in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, all of us face the uncertainty of the unknown that caused anxiety, worry, depression, melancholic states, and many others.

The World Health Organisation has prepared guidance to help us look after our mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic for health workers, managers of health facilities, people who are looking after children, older adults, people in isolation, and members of the public.

Anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

BetterHelp offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), and board licensed professional counselors (LPC). Find more information here.

According to the guidance, the main sign that someone should ask for help is the feeling of being overwhelmed.

This is an alarm and warning that you cannot handle the burden of isolation anymore alone.

The main problems that can affect our mental health are:

  • working from home and inability to have immediate communication with colleagues;
  • temporary unemployment or the fear of losing the job;
  • home-schooling of children
  • and the lack of free time and the lack of physical contact with other family members, friends, and colleagues.

That’s why we should look after our mental as well as physical health.

Fortunately, we have found a real solution that can improve your mental health – guidance and free online therapy.

Once people realize they need help, in most cases, especially now, the economical situation stops them from the therapy which increases the level of anxiety.

Thanks to the Youth Time International Movement, we have found an organization that provides online therapy and consultations for free where everyone is welcomed regardless of age, geographical distance, or any other factor.

Wellness Center Organisation from Guyana, a small country in South America, has launched a new project – The Mental Health Counselling Clinic on September 19th 2020.

Sessions began on September 22nd and will run until October 29th with a planned extension till November and December.


MH Counseling
MH Counseling

If you would like to arrange an appointment, you can do it via their Facebook page where you can also find more information about the project.

All sessions respect the medical ethics of privacy and identity protection. Consultations can be arranged by sending a direct message on the Facebook of Wellness Center – Guyana.

The therapist will send you the zoom link and will encourage you to run the video to create more intimate atmosphere and the feeling of the therapy in person that was the usual practice before the pandemic.



Shinelle Bayard, the president of the Wellness Centre
Shinelle Bayrd, the president of the Wellness Centre

The founder of the Wellness Center in Guyana, Shinelle Bayrd, commented in the interview with Youth Time International Movement that her team recognized the urgent need to help the society during the pandemic as the need for the therapy has increased more than double.

The reasons are various but Shinelle has pointed out the most important one – a person’s inability to cope with the unknown.

She said that as humans we like to be in control or to predict our lives and our schedules.

The pandemic has stripped us of this ability, this lack of control she states, is one of the main reasons for the increases in anxiety and depression.


“People are facing anxiety about the future, uncertainties surrounding employment, livelihood.

Feelings of Isolation because of the lockdown and self-isolating.

We have seen a significant increase from May to the request for counseling and the need for mental health support.

Grief is also a huge contributor to mental health issues during the pandemic.

A lot of people have lost loved ones and were unable to even say goodbye and I can personally attest to the mental toll this has on an individual as I have lost both my Father and Grandfather during this pandemic and I have not been able to find that closure in saying goodbye due to the travel restrictions.”, explained Shinelle while trying to understand the further problems while pointing out her perspective and big losses she has faced with during this period.

She continues by explaining that people have also been dealing with a sense of loss of freedom.

The pandemic has not only curtailed our movement inward but outward as well.

Business engagements have been canceled, weddings, graduations, vacations all because of the regulations has stripped us of our ability to be normal.

Hel to helpers camping- The Wellness Centre- Guyana
Help the Helper Camping- The Wellness Centre- Guyana

Wellness Center- Guyana has begun the “Help the Helper Campaign” where they have been distributing care packages to frontline workers as a way to ensure they take care of their mental health and well-being during this challenging time.

The person who is working with Wellness Centre on a voluntary basis and helping people to survive the mental causes of the pandemic is therapist Andriska Ridley, a psychology graduate intern, with experience in implementing social support to communities and youth with a focus on an individual’s well-being.

The Wellness Centre Guyana
The Wellness Centre Guyana


Shinelle Bayrd, the president and founder of Wellness Centre is a social entrepreneur, with seven years of experience in the communications industry, and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Globalisation, Business, and Development at the University of Sussex.

Vice President, Mrs. Danneta Chester
Vice President, Mrs. Danneta Chester

In 2018, Shinelle Bayrd attended the Youth Global Forum where she had the opportunity to present her idea for the Mental health-focused NGO.

She won the business project competition that year on Youth Global Forum in Paris and has since been raising awareness and providing support for persons battling mental health illness within Guyana.

The mission of the Wellness Center is: “To raise awareness and provide support for persons dealing with mental health illnesses and to promote the improvement of the overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being by involving individuals, families and other key persons in the mental health promotion, mental illness prevention, care, and rehabilitation.”


She is constantly in search of opportunities to innovate, create, network, and impact, her friends often say she has a “conference addiction”.

But she truly loves every opportunity she gets to engage, share ideas, and create projects that lead to positive outcomes.

Her latest accomplishment as a Chevening Scholar will set her further on the path to achieving her life’s mission, which is to “achieve her goals while inspiring the world”.

Youth Time International Movement offers every year two times those experiences: International Youth Summer School and Youth Global Forum, follow their social media and stay updated with future opportunities and events.


Treasurer, Mr. Jeffrey Tasher
Treasurer, Mr. Jeffrey Tasher

If you would like to support the Wellness Centre – Guyana you can start volunteering there if you are an expert in psychology or psychotherapy or if you know someone who is, please share this story with him.

If more of us would make small efforts such as sharing this story with other people, the Wellness Center would be able to provide 24 hours support for all people that need mental help.

Now everything is done by one therapist 6 hours per week, let’s help good people to make a better world together.




Photos: Shutterstock and property of Shinelle Bayrd. 

Read more here.

Marking the World Mental Health Day 2020


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