How To Secure Your Home Before Leaving For Holidays

Safety first. The best way to secure your home is to invite a friend or a professional house sitter to stay at your place while leaving on vacation. Since most of us may not have this luxury it is prudent to take some precautions.

Make sure the blinds or the curtains are open. This gives the impression of the home being inhabited. 

Disconnect all electrical appliances. 

If living in a house make sure the lawn is mowed and does not acquire a neglected look. Usually a sure sign for would be thieves that the home is not occupied. 

Ask a neighbour to keep an occasional watch. If possible leave a set of keys with the neighbour. 

If going on a long vacation stop the mail. An over flowing mailbox is a good advertisement that you’re away. 

Of course, lock everything. 

As addicted to social media as so many of us are, it’s a good idea to wait until you return and not make announcements about your absence. 

Install a couple of timer switches for just a couple of lights that come on automatically when it gets dark and switch off sometime late in the evening. 

While there are no guarantees, these basic precautions do help. Best of luck.

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