How to Properly Feed our Need for Connection

Human beings are destined to be social creatures. As far back as the times go, humans have haunted, lived, and evolved in social groups. And this tells a lot about our human nature. Read on to understand what connection is, and why there is no shame in wanting to connect with other fellow human beings.

It is obvious that all of us have our own individuality. We invest and we are constantly improving ourselves, towards becoming better people – an improvement which helps us interact and create better relations with the people that surround us. 

Our personalities and characters only come to their expression when we have the chance to hang out with groups, friends, and loved ones, with whom we can see the distinct features that we have and the similarities that keep us together. 

Out of all the differences and similarities – the need for connection is something that is a characteristic of the whole human kind. 

Whether towards a sibling, parent, spouse, partner, friend, colleague or animal, connection makes us more prone to positivity and optimism to lead our lives in a healthy way. 

The world has already changed so much, considering the digital shift that has come up with ‘easier’ ways for us to connect. 

But yet again, it is my personal belief that as much as it has become easier to keep in touch with people, the desire to do so has decreased. 

Furthermore, we know that we can easily reach loved ones from across the ocean, but it seems like we have forgotten to interact with our community that surrounds us. 

Research shows that loneliness is on the rise, and that a lack of human connection can be more harmful to your health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. 

Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, I would say that now the need for connection is more crucial than ever. Here are some tips on how you can seek to fulfill this need, without feeling like you’re doing too much or without becoming overwhelmed.


First Things First, Seek Within

Before reaching out to whoever crosses your path, make sure to look inwards and see how you feel about certain people. 

Make sure that you are at ease with yourself, before deciding to invest your time and your love in individuals that do not appreciate either.


Join In

You know that Pilates class you have been wanting to join but you felt hesitant? 

Or the Yoga class that a friend of yours recommended for you, with the yogini that is so amazing you will want to become the healthiest person ever – join them. 

Try a reading club, a public speaking club, or a dancing club. There are many communities out there and you will for sure connect with one that suits your personality best.

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All For One: A connection can be made on the sports field


Reach Out To Old Friends

At some point of our life, we become so busy with work and obligations that we simply think our friends do not care for us, and that they have their own problems to deal with. 

However, if you are lucky to have honest trustworthy friends, they will be happy to hear from you. 

Who doesn’t like a beer out, as an escape from the dull working routine?


Volunteering And Community Work

Except that the act of community work is so fulfilling and full of bliss, you will also have the chance to share a good cause with other people. 

Good deeds will provide you with an immense connection and feel-good chemicals.


Speak Up

Do you think so far you have had problems really connecting with people? 

Would you guess that is because you have not been talking about feelings and emotions, but you have maybe tried to bury your anxiety with small talk? 

Try speaking about your passion, your fears and your dreams. Hear out what fears people the most too, and what they are anxious about on a daily basis. Honesty connects people in a way that is profound. 

I’m sure you will not regret letting your guard down for a little while!

Other tips that may also work for you, can also be small things like: trying to ask more people for help when you need it, doing random acts of kindness (but not sacrificing for people, giving calls to your family and friends when there has been a time you haven’t heard from each other, throwing a small party with your closest friends, or calling them up for dinner! 

All of these can help you share quality time with people you appreciate and improve your well-being in a way that can surprise you!

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