How to Present Yourself in the Best Way?

Meeting new people can be daunting for many of us. There are so many things running through our minds. We get hyperconscious by how we present ourselves, how we're dressed, or how the other person is reacting.

The Art of Presentation: How to Make Lasting Good First Impressions

How to present yourself especially IF You want to come up as confident, but if you’re an introvert or shy, this can be a challenging task, especially as people form impressions almost immediately upon meeting you. They do this by taking in your facial expressions, how you appear, and even simple behaviours.

Many of us struggle with confidence, and that’s normal. You’re not alone. Whatever our circumstances, it’s never too late to create new connections, make lasting good first impressions, and significantly improve your presentation skills.

With good preparation and delivery, you’ll be able to face people confidently. Here are some things to consider when meeting people:


Dress The Part

Appearances matter. At least for making first impressions. People will make assumptions based on how you present yourself. The visual impact is at least as important as the verbal impact. If you’re not well-presented, concerning your clothes, hair, shoes, etc., people will notice.

Prepare what to wear in advance. It allows you to focus on other things instead. Make sure to choose something that can make you feel confident, secure, and satisfied with the venue in mind.

Nobody expects you to be suited up all of the time, spend hours doing your hair and makeup, and make multiple mirror checks; however, this does mean that you do a mental checklist to see if your clothes are smoothed tidy, and you look clean.

If you’re in a pickle over this, Kryz has some great tips on skincare and lifestyle routines for how to get you started.

How to present yourslef?
Dress the part

Good grooming and a tidy appearance are always preferable in any setting. It gives the impression that you’re a very well-put professional to be taken seriously. Of course, rules can be a little lax in a more casual setting.

A significant thing to note here is that nobody expects you to be something you are not. Just remember to be your best self. After all, you never really know how the day will go, so looking your best can help a whole lot.


Be Aware of Your Facial Expressions

Be aware of your facial expression- how to present yourself
Be aware of your facial expression- how to present yourself

The human face is very expressive. Think about how much a person can communicate through his facial expressions. Even without saying anything, we can articulate based on the emotions that appear on our faces. Unlike other nonverbal communication, emotions are universal. Anger, sadness, happiness, and disgust, to name a few, are the same across cultures.

Little can be done to change your face, but we can change the expression we carry. A study suggested that many of the first impressions formed of others are founded on perceptions of the trustworthiness, dominance, and attractiveness of the person we see.

In some cases, our facial expressions may reveal what we truly feel about a specific situation. It does not matter what circumstances you faced earlier that day; people would perceive you based on how you initially appear to them.

If you don’t look interested and enthusiastic about what you’re saying, why should anyone care? The look on your face tells people the opposite of what you’re trying to convey.

Make the research
Make the research

Research suggests that many of the first impressions we form are based on perceptions of the trustworthiness, dominance, and attractiveness of the person we see. It does not matter how the day started or what minor crisis has occurred along the way.

People have not come to this event or meeting to see you looking like you’ve got a dark rain cloud above your head. If you do not look interested and enthusiastic about what you are saying, why should anyone care?


Mind Your Gestures

Gestures can be some of the most immediate and obvious language signals. The way you sit, stand, and move your hands while you talk is a notable personal presentation aspect. If the visual image differs widely from the spoken message, it is often the non-verbal action acknowledged. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

Being aware of your mannerisms and how you behave under pressure can help you understand what kind of impression you give off to other people. It can also explain how you may not get the response that you want.

As confidence is a large part of creating a first impression, take note of how you hold your body. People often equate confidence with competence. Try to practice in the mirror until your confident stance feels natural for you. Not only will people view you as confident and competent, but you’ll also reinforce the idea into yourself that you deserve great results and success.

Gestures are part of our personalities and personal expressions. First impressions happen quickly, usually within seven to thirty seconds of meeting another person. To make a positive first impression, take advantage of using your body language. After all, it’s easier to make a good impression than to correct a negative one.



Anything that you tell yourself, anything that you do regularly, will become your reality. Taking advantage of your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses can help you navigate this tricky thing we call human relationships. It’s never easy to achieve all the results you have in mind, and you only get one shot of making the first impression, but if you pay attention to how you present yourself, you will be able to get some great results.

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