How to Practice Self-Care On a Budget

Self-care means different things to different people. It can mean materialistic things, spirituality or personal investments. A few of these self-care options often cost too much, so here are a few tips to treat yourself better even under a budget.

What do you do when you notice that the week has gotten you overwhelmed, and you need a break? Maybe it’s time for some self-care?

Do you take vacations, travel to a place you have never been before, buy a ton of new clothes, or do you decide to clean up your house instead? 

These options are all quite different from one another, and as much as traveling is very recommended when it comes down to self-care and reflection, you can’t just drop everything and leave. 

Also, if you belong to the working class, we all know traveling can also be expensive, just like buying a pile of new clothes is. So here are a few remedies I personally practice myself, when I come to realise that I need to be good to myself and treat her gently.



It is worrying how much we undermine the importance of sleep. According to the NHS a solid night’s sleep is essential for a long and healthy life. 

On the contrary, regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. 

So give yourself the freedom to take a nap, and take some time to catch up on your sleeping hours, to feel better and clearer the next day.



I have to admit, I’m not the most disciplined person ever when it comes down to staying hydrated. But every time I realise that I’m drained of energy, I make sure to fill a huge bowl of water, add some lemon in it, and keep it close to myself. 

Except that you regain energy, you also decrease your stress levels – as dehydration adds up to stress. 

Water must be the cheapest, most efficient self-care practice that we owe to ourselves!



Whenever I am feeling low, I tend to get my headphones, tune in some great groovy music, possibly soul or jazz and start dancing. 

If not dancing, just closing your eyes and getting into the rhythm will certainly make you feel other worldly. 

In fact, I can even recommend to you my very own YouTube playlist that gets me going every time. Thank me later!


Buy A Plant Or Two

I know we’re talking about remaining under a budget, but plants should not cost a fortune. They cost even less when you get them all tiny, and that’s the trick. 

Watching your own plants grow from the very beginning gives you an immense feeling of gratitude. 

You see how because of you (your watering them), life is blooming, they’re growing and becoming more beautiful each day! 

To not mention the fact that by having the plants depend on your care, you can also feed a little bit of your ‘control’ freakiness, by controlling their growth.


Take A Walk Or Better Yet – A Run

People who run have this sense of complete bliss within them. At least that’s how it looks to me every time I hang out with such people. I am trying to keep up with their pace, and maybe become a runner myself. 

People swear that when they run, they feel like they can conquer the world, and that in those moments of sprinting, they’re completely focused on themselves. 

Running or walking can certainly be your thing too, so do practice it every once in a while. Not to say that fresh air and nature add up enormously to your mental health, and can boost your mood big time.


Keep A Journal

Journals are probably the best way to reflect on your thoughts. Professionals think that the best way to write in a journal is in the morning and in the evening. I’d personally recommend taking the time to sit and write during the evening.


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