How to Make Green Music

We are all needed in the fight stop climate change and the music industry is no different. Here's how they can create green music.

As the world becomes increasingly knowledgeable about the harsh effects of climate change and the ongoing damage to the environment, it’s important to understand how artists can become more environmentally friendly as musicians of the global world. Here are some helpful tips, to make music a greener place!


Green Music Action

For starters, musicians can begin to turn their fight for climate change into musical action through song! 

Creating eco-friendly songs that music listeners will enjoy, is a great way to spread the word creatively! 

Other important eco-friendly efforts surround the objects making those songs come to life. The instruments, and music gear. 

Through the paused world of the pandemic, many artists are making more DIY efforts, which is not only creative, but more eco-friendly!

For example, lampshades made out of cracked cymbals or old kick drums that can be used as your puppy’s new doghouse! Creativity is key for a sustainable earth.

When purchasing music-related products, an artist must be a responsible consumer. Brands may use fancy and edgy packaging to entice the customers into purchasing their products. 

However, if musicians began to make a conscious effort not to buy the fancy packaging, the brands will not have a choice but to reduce their packaging efforts, thus a significant reduction of waste in the music gear industry. 

Another conscious effort toward climate change in the music world would be using power adapters instead of batteries. 

Batteries contain toxic chemicals that can leak into waterways thus affecting wildlife, human life, and overall, the ecosystem if not disposed of properly. 

According to, the combination of a daisy chain and a 9V Power adapter would allow a musician to power several pedals at once. 

However, if batteries are necessary, the artist must become knowledgeable of the proper ways to dispose of them. (Some electronic stores in your area may have bins for disposable batteries). 


Eco-Touring and Eco-Performing

Artists can use their platforms via social media to truly fight waste and climate change. By getting active through social media, artists can reach a wide pool of audiences and spread the word about things music listeners can do to help make the earth a better place! 

In regards to touring, artists such as indie-pop band Coldplay announced their refusal of touring in efforts to create more carbon-neutral concerts in 2019. 

This notion sparked a need for change in the music industry. Pop singer Billie Eilish made it known that her shows will be as “green as possible” as it will include an eco-village with education surrounding climate change and resources at every venue. 

Green Music_2.jpg
Going Green: Billie Eilish is just one artist creating ways for green music

One way an artist or band can consciously contribute to better the world of music is through their merchandise.

There are many aspects as to why a customer would purchase a band T-shirt or souvenir. Some may buy the item simply as an object that would further symbolize the memories that they experienced during an epic show. 

Others, use it as a blatant form of expression, letting the world know where they stand musically. Overall, merchandise is an important way of financially supporting the musicians they admire. 

As streaming continues to captivate the music industry while turning it upside down, much of the artist’s annual income is produced from merch sales. 

According to, live shows grossed $4.88 billion worldwide in 2016, and the overall market of recorded music made $15.7 billion.

Merch sold in that year concluded $3.1 billion, a 9.4% increase from the previous year. 

From an artist’s perspective, in today’s modern music world, to generate the revenue of a band hoodie, the artist must receive 6,549 Spotify streams per song or 2,554 Apple Music streams. Don’t get me started on YouTube plays. 

With sustainability carrying its prominent melody, artists can donate a portion of the revenue generated from merch. 

Back to  green music organisations or causes. Jungmaven is a sustainable brand that focuses on natural material. Creating Merch through eco-friendly designs and clothing is also a great way to fight for climate change. 


Green Music At Festivals

Festivals such as Bonnaroo, which is an annual musical festival held in Tennessee, has been creating better eco-friendly efforts in a music festival format. 

As the event is held on a farm, organisers have managed to reduce the electrical efforts by building solar panels, while also commissioning a compost facility in regards to compost food service items. 

Coachella has also made eco-friendly efforts by introducing ‘Carpoolchella’, which is the encouragement of attendees to carshare during the music festival festivities with a sweet reward system such as backpacks, VIP upgrades, etc. 

Although some of these changes may sound tedious at first, it truly will make a difference! As music brings people together, it’s an artist’s duty to let all their voices be heard! So, what music note that will aid climate change will you play?

Festivals have an important part to play in creating green music, but what does their own future hold?

The Future of Music Festivals

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