Few Tips On How To Look Better On CV With Limited Experience

Having a presentable CV can pave roads to successful employment and even those with limited professional experience can build up a strong resume if they know the right way to do it. BBC Capital’s correspondent Barna Cherian, a second-year university student from India, researched the topic and came up with interesting results.

One of the most important things to do to make a CV stand out is to connect the dots. Simply, all experience you have is relevant if you know how to connect the job requirements to the experience you already have. For example, if you worked at a restaurant, you probably have enough experience with customer service and could offer it in a different position.

Another important point is to stop underestimating yourself. Many people actually learn and know more than they realize and underestimating themselves could lead to lowering of self-confidence. Even if it looks like you haven’t done much at your previous job, you probably learned more than you expect. For example, to keep up with technological advances, to use a new software, etc.

As mentioned by BBC Capital, including “secondments” — projects or committees employees have been involved with in addition to their usual responsibilities – can significantly boost their CV. The same applies for any internal trainings, development and volunteering activities, which can all be added as achievements.

If you are significantly lacking any professional experience and whatever you do, your CV still looks empty, you can instead fill it up with interesting items, such as the “About Me” section. According to New York-based Patrice Tanaka, founder of Joyful Planet LLC, interests, community service and key skills are all very important on a CV.

“Enhancing an underwhelming resume with some of these additional sections will present a more well-rounded picture of your capabilities and talents rather than allowing yourself to be defined solely by your job history,” she wrote for BBC Capital. Therefore, don’t forget to present yourself as a whole person with a range of interests rather than a list of professional achievements.


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