How To Destroy Holidays In A Few Steps

Holidays are the well deserved  time of the year that we all look forward to. We plan, we save and then...bang...we don´t even feel we’ve been on a holiday. Why? Because the pleasures were lost. And who did it? Believe it or not but it was us.

In these times of high technology, socialising on the internet and given our incapability to stop working  even for a while, we manage to ruin our vacations. 

Here is the list of things, you may want to reconsider before continuing  to do them while on your holiday: 

Stop checking emails and what’s happening back at work. Even if you do this for a short while you manage to tarnish your day. 

Don´t continue with doing the things you do on your average day such as reading newspapers.

Social networking  should be a taboo while on vacation. Due to constant communication and sharing of photos, the ability to remember and feel the pleasures decrease remarkably.  Not  to mention the small but not a not an unimportant  part when two people or even a  group are spending time together but  go on compulsively using their smart phones.

Pictures of every meal you had on your holiday is not worth keeping in your photo album.

Tons of selfies will not only irritate you, but also your contacts on the social network.

Photos, on the other hand, are good for future recall of details and reliving some of the moments.

Enjoy your holiday!

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