How to Create an Effective PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint presentation is the one tool that has managed to impress the audience with its audio-visual appeal. It functions as an unparalleled tool to reinforce your thoughts powerfully. 

A splendid presentation engages the audience and leaves an irrevocable mark on your audience’s minds.

Designing an effective slide deck achieving your objectives demands time, practice, and a resonating message.

Professional slide templates not only help you in constructing an impactful slideshow but saves your precious time as well.

SlideModel offers top-notch effective Power Point themes catering to every niche. 


Why Persuading Others is Important?

An influential and persuasive presentation holds the power to shift the trajectory of your career.

Persuading your audience with an exceptional PowerPoint slideshow is highly important to make them believe in your ideas.

Here are some reasons why persuading others can benefit a great deal:



If you’re an entrepreneur trying to impress a client or venture capitalist, persuading them will grab you the funds required.

A striking and persuasive PowerPoint sales pitch can make or break your deal with the clients.

Not only that, persuasion combined with slideshows can help you generate leads and boost sales giving you the ultimate profit. 


Obtaining Scholarships 

Your educational application and a persuasive presentation can set your pace to obtain your dream scholarship.

More than 30 million presentations get designed every day.

With numbers so high, you need to persuade your audience with an out-of-the-box slideshow.

It will aid you in astonishing your professors and gaining scholarships.


Getting Good Grades 

Virtual classes are the new face of education since the commencement of the pandemic.

Every student resorts to presenting their ideas through a slide deck. But, what will make your slideshow different?

Persuasion with the best slides.

If you are successful in persuading your teachers, then you will grab good grades. 


What Rules Do Great Speakers Follow?


Great speakers always employ templates to design one-of-a-kind presentations that render them unique.

Stock templates have become a thing bygone era.

Utilizing professionally hand-picked effective PowerPoint templates will infuse a flair of freshness into your slides. It will make it stand out from your competitors.

 Specialized and tailored templates instill creativity in your slides. Leverage this Ultimate Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template from SlideModel if you are looking to craft your perfect pitch deck. 



The design of your presentation should be eye-catching and in coherence with your presentation idea. Form an outline and choose one slide per topic to avoid clutter.

All text and no visuals will make your slideshow drab. Select HD multimedia like images, videos, GIFs, infographics to make your slideshow look alive. 

Design your slide according to a hierarchy with slide elements placed according to their importance. Pick a good color scheme to give uniformity to your deck.

Ensure to select a functional font with appropriate font size for easy comprehension. 



People, by nature, tend to have a short attention span. If you bombard them with statistics and figures in plain, they will doze off into a slumber.

Google effective PowerPoint presentations of top brands to see how they design their data in the slides.

Persuasive and good speakers always choose to present their numbers in data visualizations. 

Leverage charts, diagrams, trend lines, infographics, and tables to showcase your data.

Using them makes your data more digestible to your audience while making your slide deck more attractive. 


Body Language

Pick up any TEDx talk from YouTube to carefully observe the body language of influential speakers.

Too relaxed or too active will either distract your audience or bore them out of their wits.

Exude confidence by using your hands and moving subtly in your presentation space.

Always remember to maintain eye contact with your audience. 

Occasionally, you can integrate humor in your presentation which otherwise might get boring for your audience. Keep experimenting with your voice modulation.

Use a higher pitch on points that need emphasis.


Reasons for Doing Things 

A great speaker is always a great storyteller. Good orators always ensure to present their ideas in an engaging narrative.

Illuminate your audience with the purpose of your presentation by telling them a story. 

This way they will be more invested in your slideshow.

Always avoid reading from the slides as it fails to impress your audience.

Use this 4 Step Creative Diagram Template to form a short story.

It will help you to concretize your ideas as well as appeal to your audience. 


Persuasion Basics For Presentations

What is Persuasion & Why Does It Matter?

Persuasion refers to the art of convincing people to make them do what you desire.

It is quite powerful if you know the right way to persuade people.

It is what makes people follow influencers and leaders.

If you master the craft of persuasion through a presentation, then you can motivate your audience to believe in you. 

Persuasion matters to influence people.

Merely presenting your ideas is not enough. Your audience must be moved by your ideas and style of presentation.

Persuasion is one of the most coveted skills that should be mastered by everyone.


The End Line

PowerPoint Presentations have remained in force for quite a long time now.

They will always remain important. The first thirty seconds of your presentation can either hold the gaze of your audience or make them lose interest in it.

Hence, crafting a persuasive slideshow becomes all the more imperative.

Take note of the points mentioned above to build your perfect slide deck. 

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PowerPoint Presentation Lifehacks and Resources


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