How to Become a Good Leader? 6 Crucial Points


One of Youth Time’s major events of the year, the Youth International Summer School in Shanghai is at its peak. Expert from Germany, Sven Anger conducted a workshop on the topic «The Ecology of Smart Leadership». During his session, he pointed out six qualitiesof a good leader.  Want to be a laudable leader? Check them out.

How to became a good leader
How to became a good leader?
  • Vision: having a sense of purpose and a clear understanding of Your objectives.
  • Self-awareness: gaining a better understanding through introspective and the feedback of others.
  • Understanding your “why”: a lot of people tend to be very reluctant when responding to the question “ why are they doing what they do.”

Many of them would confuse the “what” where they describe what they do with the “why” where they actually define the reason that makes them “do what they do” and how do they sustain that motif during the course of Time.“ It takes courage to follow through.

  • Courage: having the courage to take risks to achieve your purpose.
  • Willingness to correct wrong decisions: Being able not only to recognize the wrong decisions but also to correct them means having the ability to innovate.
  • Being more “solution oriented” rather than “problem oriented.”

Sven Anger

Sven Anger is an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker for more than ten years. His first encounter with performance and the human ecology was at the Olympic Training Center for Judo in Leipzig, Germany.

Afterwards Sven worked in finance and in management for a global logistics company. Along the way, he dove into the arts attending the renowned Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in New York to study drama and find a second home on stage in London and Berlin.

He founded ANGER COACHING in 2007 and has conducted hundreds of seminars and coaching sessions to help people make most of their potential.

New opportunities for The International Summer School 2020. can be discovered here. 

We would like to thank Hayet Bourki for her assistance in preparing this blog. 

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