How Covid Has Made Even High Street Shops Go High Tech

You might have never thought you'd see your local high street shopkeepers taking digital payments, let alone emailing receipts, but that is the reality. The coronavirus pandemic has placed undue stress on small business owners near and far, as many have been forced to shut their businesses down for weeks at a time.

What is the relationship between covid and tech? Even when they were initially allowed to re-open, countless restrictions and new parameters hindered their ability to operate. From there, this current push for new technologies and high-tech solutions has only increased.


Health Screening and Advanced Medical Equipment

Social distancing may still be the best means of staying free of Covid-19, but many circumstances require people to use adequate medical precautions. Shopkeepers are using coronavirus healthcare screening questions to ensure that their customers do not have any symptoms and that they are not an exposure risk for others.

Additionally, small business owners in the UK are relying on medical devices such as digital thermometers to do their part, as far as preventative measures are concerned.

Clerks, helpers, and cashiers have been trained to enforce social distancing rules and otherwise work as the first line of defense in stores against coronavirus.

How COVID changed the tech
How COVID changed the tech?

Contactless Transactions

Coronavirus is spread most easily when people come in close contact with each other. This is why people wear masks whenever they think they’ll be coming close to others, even in public settings.

Shopkeepers are relying on Covid screens, dividers, floor stickers, and other parameters meant to keep everyone at a safe distance.

With this comes contactless payment technology, used by businesses and consumers to complete point-of-sale transactions without needing to physically touch.

Discount Displays offers a huge selection of tools, including covid screens, to business owners who want to keep their employees and shoppers safe. Each product from here has been engineered for easy installation, and at reasonable costs.

COVID tech
COVID and tech

New Digital Order Portals

In addition to making it safer for shoppers inside of stores, new technologies are also improving customer support and order tracking. Between order pick-ups and shipments, a lot of transactions don’t even require shoppers to come inside of stores anymore.

Using apps and web portals, business owners have been imputing and tracking orders, while consumers are able to see what is happening on their end. Disputes and problems are easily resolved through these digital customer support features.

Walking into a high street shop now means you may be directed over to a hand sanitizing station and have your temperature taken before you can even browse.

Consumers have largely responded to this positively, cooperating with small business owners and government officials to trace the source, provide coronavirus testing results, quarantine, and name anyone with who they came in close contact.

All of these high-tech measures are being taken in an abundance of caution, but they are most importantly enabling people to get out and enjoy the world as they did before.

As a result, shopkeepers are making money again, proving that these preventative steps were both wise and necessary.

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