How Cashew Grows – Would You Know How Some Well Known Crops Are Cultivated?

Some time back a shocking discovery took place during a survey by Lechuza. The survey revealed that 25% of the 2000 children who were surveyed, didn't know that ketchup comes from tomatoes. Instead they were often of the impression that ketchup was made out of another red coloured fruit, strawberries.

Oregano, an herb, was thought to be, an actor, origami and so on.  It’s perhaps known how tomatoes grow.  But when it comes to certain crops, how they grow could catch even you by surprise. Let’s check it out in our gallery.

Pine Nuts Cone

Freshly harvested turmeric







Cumin Seeds


Brussel Sprouts

Brazil nuts

Cocoa Beans

Photos: Shutterstock

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