House of Books: Extraordinary Libraries Worldwide


Libraries are extremely valuable but many times underrated places – not too often do people think of a library when thinking about where to go to sit down, relax and read a book. For many, libraries have become synonyms for boring afternoons with one’s head buried in books, hopelessly trying to memorize an exam material. Something needed to be done to show the world just why libraries should be appreciated.

This, combined with many libraries’ stunning architecture, is what encouraged a French photographer Franck Bohbot to travel the world in search of some of the most extraordinary book havens out there, and to photograph them. His ongoing project, House of Books, aims to “offer a new approach in terms of atmosphere, colors and composition.”

“I wanted to have a powerful and monumental way of shooting libraries to pay tribute to the books, the people who work there and the architects,” stated Bohbot in an interview for The Independent. “It is about the power of knowledge. Nothing is more important after health in our world. Knowledge means everything to understand each other, to tell stories and to archive history.”

Bohbot lives in New York and apart from his project on libraries, he has already photographed swimming pools, theatres, city streets, bars, train stations, museums, fairs, courts, barbershops, workers and night scenes. As part of his House of Books project, he has visited Rome and Paris so far and plans to visit countries in Europe, South America, Asia and North America in the future. 

His work includes:

Biblioteca Angelica, Rome

See image above

Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne, Paris

Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve, Paris

Bibliotheque de l’Hotel de Ville


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