The New Ethics of Journalism: No Ethics. New YT Magazine Is Out!


Since the ‘60s, we have been living in the age of the “new journalism”, the founder of which was the American, Hunter Thompson. His ideas were based on the assertion that journalistic objectivity was a myth. 

“New journalists” take the view that fabricated facts are better than the truth. And along with further technological development has come a more advanced offshoot of this popular trend – “gonzo journalism”. It is an even more comprehensive and subjective narrative style, where a journalist appears as an active participant in the described events, using his own experiences and emotions to give the “right” tilt to the events. Quotes, sarcasm, humor, exaggerations, and foul language are the indispensable features of such a style.

The editorial staff of our magazine has conducted research on the state of modern journalism, the results of which are published as the main topic of this issue.

Books and Movies: The Essence of Journalism
The Story of Wang Chao: Diary of a Cultural Mediator in School
What Unites Us? A Course for the Beginner Political Scientist

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