Have You Ever Listened to “Wave/Witch House”?


Some people call it “wave”, some would say it is “witch house”, or even “experimental bass”. Whatever the nomenclature, it is hard to define this quite unusual, underground genre.

Wave is way more melodic than Witch House, and Witch House is a lot darker than Wave. This dark, occult-like electronic music subgenre and visual aesthetic emerged in the late 2000s/early 2010s. The music is heavily influenced by chopped hip-hop soundscapes, industrial experimentation, as well as by the use of synthesizers, drum machines, esoteric samples, and heavily altered vocals. Basically, tracks may vary from melodic, dreamy, and uplifting, to dark and moody. Some chill, jazz, downtempo and many other elements may also be incorporated.

What keeps the scene underground and not easy to reach on the Internet is that common typographic elements in artist and track names like triangles, crosses, and Unicode symbols are often used.

In order for people to understand this underground concept, some audio visual platforms on YouTube have been promoting this music and aesthetics, created by independent artists and labels across the world:

  • the_accidental_poet

  • Wavevision1

All visuals (mainly photographs) appearing on these channels are original works or are used with the consent of, and are appropriately credited to, the original artist.


If you find this music appealing, you may enjoy some late night streams by “the_accidental_poet”, and chat with other listeners.

Stream Schedule:

-Wave/Witch/Cloud/Beats stream every Sunday.
-Discord Takeover stream every Tuesday.
-Phonk/Jazz/Hip-Hop/Downtempo/ every other Friday.

Title Photo: T.A.T.U / Photo: NatureBoyMD

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