Haunted Places Worth Visiting In The Czech Republic

Visits to castles and monuments definitely belong in the summer. Some go the traditional way, others prefer to spice it up little. Therefore today we visit some of the castles and other places in the Czech Republic that are said to be haunted.

Houska castle in the Central Bohemian region hides what is supposedly the gate into hell itself. 

Houska castle / Photo: Shutterstock

Cave Byci skala in Moravian karst near Brno apparently be a place for blood rituals and according to the witnesses, time to time there are screams that can be heard coming from the cave.

Cave Byci skala / Photo: Shutterstock

Also Zvíkov Castle, situated close to the Orlik Dam in the South Bohemian region has an unclear mystery related to strong energies which negatively influence all kinds of electronic gadgets. 

Castle Zvíkov / Photo: Shutterstock

The Catacombs in Jihlava are surrounded with mysteries. They are supposed to be an entry into the fourth dimension. The entire old town above the catacombs also carries heavy energies. Some of the residents of this area are witness to this.

Catacombs Jihlava / Photo: janina cz

Velké Losiny not only has the last hand made paper mill in Europe, but also a dark history related to the castle and the inquisitor from  the 17th century who was responsible for many of the trials related to the ‘witches’. This place is known for strange happenings especially during the nights.

Castle Velké Losiny / Photo: Shutterstock

Castles Jindřichův Hradec, Rožmberk and Český Krumlov

have a ghost appearing mostly in white, known as Bílá paní, based on the real person Perchta from Rožmberk who lived during the 15th century. Perchta was treated badly by her husband, who at the end of his life requested her forgiveness. She refused and as a result remained a ghost. The locals say she foretells the upcoming important events since then.

Castle Jindřichův Hradec / Photo: Shutterstock

Castle Rožmberk / Photo: Shutterstock

Castle Český Krumlov / Photo: Shutterstock

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