Halloween Horror Movies

With Halloween just around the corner, we offer you special weekend picks of the best horror movies ever made, with mysterious murders, psychological disorders, conspiracies, haunted places, and excorcisms that  you won’t want to miss. If you are horror fan, read on.

Watch the Halloween Horror Movies

The list of the best Halloween Horror Movies you always wanted to watch.

The Silence of the Lambs 

The film that finally meant a film breakthrough for Anthony Hopkins. And no wonder, the character of serial killer Hannibal Lester became, in his rendition, a performance that will haunt you for years after you watch this movie. Jodie Foster turns in a superb supporting perfomance.


Jacob’s Ladder

Tim Robbins as Jacob in a conspiracy movie about a Vietnam veteran whose life is marked by disturbing flashes of memories from the conflict and the day when his platoon was destroyed in an unusually drastic way.

Visited by another soldier who has been experiencing similar hallucinations, they start a battle of strange recollections over the supposed use of a particular hallucinogen – called Ladder – which causes extreme aggressive behavior in its users, all of whom served in the American army during the Vietnam conflict.

What comes next is a very disturbing series of unexpected twists that will scramble your mind.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

True stories in general have a tendency to make you appreciate what happened even more. When it comes to exorcism and its victims, one gets shivers from head to toe.

And that is true of this movie, inspired by the true story of a German girl called Anneliese Michel, who underwent, with the assistance of her parents and priest, an exorcism during which she died.

The movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose follows the  case of Father Richard Mooree, in whose “care” Emily died. He is represented by a lawyer, Erin Bruner, who takes this case very reluctantly, since she is a rock solid atheist.

While handling the case, however, she experiences a series of unexpected happenings that shake her beliefs.

Julia’s Eyes 

Julia and her sister Sarah suffer a similar degenerative eye illness.  After an unsuccessful operation, Sarah is found dead in her home, and the investigation declares her death a suicide, case closed.

The investigation, however, is not closed for Julia, who is absolutely convinced her sister didn’t take her life and starts a terrible, scary journey to reveal the truth. 


When a disturbed youngster, Kale, attacks his teacher, he is sentenced to three months of house arrest.  Confined within the limited area defined by his sentence, he focuses on snooping on the neighbors.

Accompanied by two friends, he slowly focuses on the strange behavior of one of the locals and finds that there is a murder in question.

The compulsory stay-at-home becomes obsessed with something that may be little more than his imagination gone out of control.

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