Habits And Lifestyle For A Better, Happier Life

Creating good habits can have a great impact on your life. Here, we have a look at some ways that can help you.

We are born with limitless potential. The first ones to put us in a box are our parents and then our teachers and society. This is not to say these are bad people. It’s just that our minds get conditioned with what they think is best for us and what we have learnt by example. 

The problem here is eventually we create that box, or call it the comfort zone, that we do not want to get out of. 

It’s a different matter whether that box smells nice or stinks, it remains our comfort zone. 

The analogy of a fish seller might work in this context. Put a fish shop owner in a florist shop overnight and he won’t be able to sleep without the ‘soothing’ smell of fish.


Fake It Before You Make It

Create that confidence or fake it but try to walk out of that ‘comfort’ zone and meet people.

Most people are a pleasure to meet with and will respond well to you when you introduce yourself.

Make plenty of acquaintances and perhaps you will also end up making some friends.


Growth Everyday

Growth is important on a day to day basis. The more people we know, the more we also learn.

It’s alright to be curious and ask for more information when someone is telling you something or talking within a group.

There’s never a need to be shy or embarrassed if you don’t know anything or much about the subject they are talking about.

Just ask and people will tell you more. It’ll also help you join into the group better if you don’t overdo it.


Laughs For Life

Sense of humour is one of the essentials for happiness. Laugh at other people’s jokes and equally importantly have fun laughing at yourself.

Those around you will like you more.

Also, Dream a dream and work towards it. Unless your dreams are entirely unrealistic they’ll come true. Never be afraid to expect the best out of life.


Be Kind

Cutting yourself and people some leeway is a good habit. We are all human and prone to making mistakes and are also fearful sometimes.

Same as us, others, and even those in ‘high positions’, are nervous and jittery at times.

Having some sort of an exercise regime goes a long way towards contributing to our confidence and happiness.

Even if it’s just a walk or a couple of sessions of a relatively strenuous workout each week.

Eating well is a good habit and at the same time eating for the soul is necessary sometimes, if only to feel that cholesterol flowing through our veins.


Mind Over Matter

Meditation and mindfulness work wonders. At the same time, this is not something everyone can  do. In fact there are many who find it disturbing.

So juggle with a couple of oranges for a few minutes each day. It has the same effect as meditation. And remember to smell those oranges.

Research shows smelling certain fruits, especially citrus fruits promotes the production of Serotonin. This magic hormone not just helps with sleep but has multifaceted beneficial effects on our moods and body.

As for juggling, research has found several benefits for the brain including in the frontal cortex. People who juggle regularly are said to be better able to manage their emotions.


Play Time

Playing with children is not just beneficial for the child which is well documented.

These little devils and angels, unlike adults, are non judgemental, uninhibited and thus an inspiration to us adults by teaching us that it’s good to let go from time to time.

There is even a non profit, National Institute of Play that has gone deep into all the benefits of play for grown-ups.

shutterstock 1662427033
Fighting Fit: Creating good habits like exercise can lead to happier and healthier lives

In addition to playing with children, many organisations have recognised the therapeutic power of play for grown-ups and have equipped their offices and manufacturing facilities so that employees can play.

Be it a game of snooker, chess or even ping pong at the place of work.

Having regular sex also has plentiful benefits. It boosts the immune system, improves sleep, relieves stress and many more. This is just one of the reports.

There are any number of research studies out there that go on to confirm the many benefits of having sex.

Emotional health can also create good habits – we took a look at it.

Seven Signs You’re Emotionally Healthy

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