Gripping Movies For The Weekend


The  stories in which there no certainty how they will end until the very last moment.  We introduce to you, a few movies, which give you a sense of urgency while watching, for this weekend.


Somehow you feel that there might be a happy end…it´s only that each minute you are put into a doubt again. Excellent thriller which is based on a real story of a secret operation to save 6 American citizens from the Canadian Embassy in Iran during the Iranian revolution of 1979. I wonder myself what took me so long to watch it – perhaps the title that sounded a little fake…:-)?

Winter in Wartime 

The end of the World War II in Holland from the eyes of a 13 years old Michiel. His young boy´s ideals are going to clash with reality soon and it is not going to be what he had imagined it to be. This well made movie is full of tension and hope for the main character.

The Tourist 

“I am Elise”
“I am Frank”
“That´s terrible name”
“It´s the only one I´ve got”
“Maybe we can find you another one”

This is an action drama with Angelena Jolie and Johnny Depp. A film in which the end has a good twist.

Photo: IMDB

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