Grenoble in Pictures

Skiing, mostly pleasant weather, nightclubs, international and friendly French students intermingling, night clubs, cafes, nature, cable car, 19th century fortification and more. This is Grenoble for you.

Grenoble in Pictures
Grenoble Bastille Cable Car
Grenoble in Pictures
Not less interesting is also the view from the top of the Cable Car
Grenoble in Pictures
The fortress La Bastille
Cave under Bastille in Grenoble
Spectacular view over Grenoble
The old part of Grenoble on the bank of the river Isere
Musée de Grenoble ( The museum of Fine Arts) in Grenoble
City of Grenoble
Especially sports enthusiasts will enjoy Grenoble a lot
Summer hiking around Grenoble

Photos: Shutterstock

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