Grenoble – Important University City In France

Talking to a Czech student some years back I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Grenoble is one of the major university cities in France. Not only that it’s one of the important research centres for students and attracts a large number of international students.

This gentleman from the Czech Republic was doing an unusual course. A master’s degree in acoustics engineering related mainly to the highways. An intensive course principally comprising of methods to reduce the noise level on the highways caused by traffic and winds. He stood out in such great demand that while eventually working in the Czech Republic he received offers from several countries and finally migrated to Canada to work on a pretty fancy pay package.

Grenoble is a fabulous town on the foothills of the Alps. Although the Alps are surrounded by France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Slovenia, the residents of Grenoble like to call their town, the capital of Alps. So be it. It doesn’t change the fact that Grenoble is a delightful place and the locals are welcoming of foreigners.

Before we continue, let’s be done with the bad news. The government of France, starting 2019 onward has decided to raise the fees for the foreign students quite substantially as we had mentioned in our previous article on Lille. The fees is now :

2770 Euros per year for a bachelor’s degree

3770 Euros per year for a master’s degree

380 Euros per year for a doctorate

Despite the increase in the fees it’s unlikely that the percentage of foreign students is going to reduce. France is after all a country of universities.

Please check out the websites of the universities in Grenoble to identify the courses most suited to you. A reminder, we cover only the public universities due to their affordability and quality of education. :

University Grenoble France
Official website

University Savoie Mont Blanc
Official website

Even though on the foothills of the Alps the average temperatures in Grenoble from April to October are quite pleasant. The town offers everything and more including the iconic Mont Blanc a short distance away, night clubs, nature, cafes, restaurants and most of all skiing just a very short stretch where you might want to stay.

La Bastille hill in Grenoble

Living costs

Accommodations in this town compared with most other cities in France are somewhat cheaper. Despite this, in the opinion of the writer it is good to budget for around 1300 $ per month inclusive of shared accommodations but exclusive of fees.

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