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Many a student at the pre-university and post-university level not only has the yearning to learn and further educate herself/himself but also the appetite to experience other cultures and widen their horizons. Affordability being a major issue, not everyone can go to and qualify from a university in a foreign country. Thankfully, there are thousands of scholarships, merit and need based, that make it feasible for such individuals to study abroad. For this week, we have the following suggestions for you.

Grab your opportunity this week

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFC or the German Research Foundation)

This body funds several students each year. At the present time, Bremen International Graduate School of Social sciences is offering scholarships for those holding a master’s degree. But also for those who wish to pursue their studies further to engage in a PhD program.

How to apply?

To compete for the scholarship you must possess a master’s degree in psychology, sociology or political science.

There are seven positions to be filled in and the award is a suitable salary.

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South Korea

South Korea, which is officially the Republic of Korea, had a GDP per capita of less than 2000 $ as recently as 1982. The country has always had a focus on education.

Today, South Korea is not only ahead of many of the other developed nations in terms of GDP which exceeds 30,000 $. But also spends fairly vast sums in terms of scholarships for international students who they invite to study at their world-class universities.

The government offers full scholarships for 170 undergraduates and 700 graduate students under the Global Korea Scholarship program. They also have several other programs.

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The Romanian Government Offer

The Romanian government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers fairly good scholarships for international students.

Afterall, international students help build international relations. Through their program, the government offers tuition-free scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Plus accommodation and subsidy towards expenses from 65 to 85 Euros equivalent per month.

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Poland Government 

Similar to Romania the Government of Poland has also been making serious efforts to attract international students. Most of their scholarships offer waiver of tuition fees and some scholarships, additional grants as well.

These are available for undergraduate and graduate students. Some of their scholarships are targeted at specific countries.

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If you want to discover scholarships from Nothern Europe, you can find it here.

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