9 Fantasy Movies that Has the Potential to Become a Reality


In this article we collected a fantasy of screenwriters, which has become a reality or has the potential to become a reality. Enjoy.

Her, 2013

A sensitive and romantic writer with a brilliant performance from Joaquin Phoenix. He becomes ​​immersed in the virtual world and falls in love with a program. This film will make you rethink the essence of human relations by asking yourself what is more important: the inner workings of a person or their appearance?

Europa Report, 2013

A story of the crew of astronauts that undertake a mission to the surface of Jupiter’s moon, where life may exist. The placement in an enclosed spaceship creates suspense and numerous dangers are here for our heroes. There are true experiences, intrigue and interest in the unexplored things and and this is more than enough.


Black Mirror, 2011

Short stories about the present and the near future, where high technology, global issues, morality and human emotions intertwine. You can watch the series in any order, as each episode is a new, unique story.


District 9, 2009

The story is about an alien spacecraft that is forced to make an emergency landing near Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa). The film is not about aliens but the ins and outs of the human being. If you have not seen this movie by now, be sure to catch up.

Under the Skin, 2013

An alien creature in a form of an attractive girl travels throughout Scotland and hunts male earthlings. By studying people, it gradually begins to see the world through the eyes of its potential victims. The film makes you wonder: what does it mean to be human?


I Origins, 2014

A young scientist tries to get research grants. With his colleague he makes a discovery that could change the view of the structure of the world. The content is permeated with the idea of ​​perpetual motion of the human soul. The perfect choice for those who love deep thought, about who we are and why we are here.


Serenity, 2005

A young doctor with his sister River, who has super-capabilities appear on the transport spaceship “Serenity”, whose captain is a space war veteran. Neither the captain nor his companions expect the incredible events to happen. After watching the film you will want to see the sequel for sure.


Inception, 2010

One of the most unusual and best films of 2010. The plot is complex and multifaceted. Where is the line between dream and reality, and what in fact are our dreams? The movie is definitely worthwhile, unique and exciting.


Primer, 2004

Why does science fiction have to be simple and superficial? The movie is about two young engineers who develop a certain device that can turn the world’s idea of time and space upside down. This was a debut, smart movie with mathematician Shane Carruth as a director, screenwriter, and as one of the main characters. The film has gained cult status.


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