Global Engagement Summit in the US

The Summit is a week-long conference held every April at Northwestern University. The Summit aims to provide opportunities for youth to implement most socially impactful projects in their local communities The deadline is on 15 October 2019. Those who apply by this date will have priority for financial aid and be notified of our decision by the following December 1.

Become the Part of Global Engagement Summit in the US

Delegates from around the world arrive with change-based projects that can tackle any social change from education to healthcare to sustainability on the Global Engagement Summit US.

If their project is in the ideas phase, we help them make their plan a reality. If it’s already up and coming, we help them become more impactful.

Past projects include a creative arts education center in Cambodia, a marketing NGO for small businesses in Egypt and an organization that connect local food pantries with college dining halls to minimize food waste in the U.S.

The Summit offers a wide variety of capacity-building programs ranging from hands-on workshops to individualized mentoring sessions.

Because projects brought to GES can be anywhere in the development process and tackle a host of different types of social challenges, Summit programming is customizable to each delegate.

All participants will be responsible for arranging their own travel. Partial scholarships to cover travel expenses will be available in a later application. GES may provide transportation to and from the Northwestern University campus, some meals, and lodging subject to demonstration of financial need by the applicant.

Main criteria

Participation is open to young changemakers from around the world.  In addition to the application, please submit your CV and a reference letter.

Please include the following in your proposal:

  1. 3-5 sentence summary of your project, including the need it hopes to address and its location
  2. The method for addressing the need
  3. The method and resources needed for implementation
  4. Problems you have faced or anticipate facing
  5. Describe the short and long-term impact you hope to have

Find out more.

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Fully Funded Opportunity: The Yushan Forum

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