Ghostwriting – A Profitable Niche For Young Writers

Famous American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway once said “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

Ghostwriting is a lucrative niche and it can easily be summarized into three words: patience, experience and luck. We all need luck when it comes to developing a skill, but the art of putting people’s stories into words requires patience and experience.

First of all, you have to decide what you want from your career; if money is what you want, ghostwriting is for you. If getting credit for your work is more important, then this niche is probably not for you.

Some writers find this [not receiving credit for their work] a relief, because they don’t need to spent effort and time publicizing their work. However, this is not the only immediate perk that ghostwriters have.


Getting paid upfront is something many writers prefer and this niche helps not only beginners, but also pros to earn substantially more than other writing services they provide. Plus, keeping emotional distance helps writers become better professionals and see a book’s strengths and weaknesses clearly, which brings a helpful perspective to the client.

Ghostwriters have richer lives because they have the chance to write about fascinating subjects. Keep in mind that when you choose the right clients, you learn about their lives, their professions and other industries you otherwise might not have the chance to come across.


Your writing skills will be challenged, but the financial reward is worth the trouble of rewriting a phrase over and over again until the client is happy with how their life is portrayed.

Ghostwriting is hardly a new niche; Egyptians did it, songwriters do it, book writers do it so why should you deny yourself the chance to become a better writer? You could start by writing anonymous content or assembling pre-existing content.


If your special gift is to write in an engaging manner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue this talent and transform it into a goldmine. More often than not the client knows exactly what they want to say, but they cannot do in a way their audience will want to read, so your help is invaluable.

Still, there is more to ghostwriting than meets the eye. Working from scratch offers writers two immediate benefits: money and freedom. Writers appreciate when they have the chance to create articles on behalf of an established writer who does not have the necessary time to meet all their commitments.

Being able to write with no constraints whatsoever is the reason why most ghostwriters are happy with their status.


You could search for minor copywriting work with websites such as or, but don’t be scared if it takes a while before you succeed in moving up the ladder. If your writing is good, your client will definitely prefer to establish a continuing relationship with you rather than to move on to the next writer.

Don’t forget about the golden rule of ghostwriting: keep producing quality content and your name will get around. The client’s word is final, so if they are comfortable with putting their name on your work, others will follow.

More ideas how to earn a money, you can find here.

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