Gdansk in Pictures

The Royal Route, waterways, bars, cafes, magnificent river views, a completely restored city centre and an increasing number of foreign tourists and expats. You are in the port city of Gdansk, Poland.

Gdansk in Pictures
Gdansk is the historical capital of Polish Pomerania
Gdansk in Pictures
Medieval architecture of the old town in Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk in Pictures
Green Gate, Gdansk, Poland – the Green Gate spans the Long Market and Long Street, together comprising the Royal Route
Pirate ship at Motlawa river in Gdansk, Poland
Thematic pub Polish Cinema on the street of Gdansk’s Main Town
Architecture of the old town in Gdansk, Poland
Relaxing on the beach at Baltic Sea in Gdansk, Poland
Amber beads in Gdansk, Poland
Ruins of barracks of Polish Army on Westerplatte peninsula in Gdansk , Poland
Stadion Energa – football stadium in Gdansk, Poland

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