Gamification For Millennials: Do It Right!

As the largest demographic in the world today, Millennials represent the target group many companies have to please in order to stay in business. This is a generation, however, that does not respond to the classical means of advertising, and one can even say that it has shaken the world of marketing off its foundations. So what does it take to attract and maintain the interest of this highly demanding target group? TNW reporter  asked 12 young entrepreneurs from YEC, how can companies incorporate gamification into their products to appeal to millennials?

  1. Appearance is everything!

According to Devanshi Garg from Icreon, when using gamification one must focus on designing for delight. For Millennials, engagement strongly depends on identifying and fulfilling their emotional needs – they want an experience that is pleasurable, delightful, and intrinsically rewarding.

  1. Gratification, gratification, gratification

Andy Karuza, from FenSens, states that instant gratification is at the top of the list when it comes to important behavioral drives for Millennials. This generation is not patient, they do not like to wait, but at the same time they do not ask for much – simple progress update bars which let them know how close they are to the finish line usually does the trick.

  1. Give them a cause to support while buying your product!

Nicole Munoz, founder of Start Ranking Now, says that one of the things that Millennials react very positively to is connecting your product to a cause – for example, if with every purchase of your product they are participating in raising money for a social justice project or an environmental one. Millennials are known for being very concerned about a variety of issues, just choose one that you will support.

  1. Make information-gathering a game

Eran Eyal, from StartupHat, shared his trick with us also. He thinks that the process of gathering information is usually slow and boring and nobody likes to do it – so if you want Millennials to do it you should make it a game!

  1. Make security issues a game

According to Vic Patel, Future Hosting, users are usually quite uninterested in the field of security. So gamify it! Create scores, make them compete in creating the ultimate password!

  1. Did someone say COMPETITION?!

Andrew Namminga from Andesign advises you to create a sense of competition between users. Create a game and rank your users, they will enjoy trying to outrank each other.

  1. Choose your incentives wisely!

Kim Walsh-Phillips, Elite Digital Group, emphasizes how important it is to be wise when choosing your incentives. Don’t make your rules too complicated to follow, and don’t give out prizes no one wants to have.

  1. Let’s talk about milestones

Hillary Hobson, Highest Cash Offer, believes that if you add appropriate milestones with delightful rewards, Millennials will be buying your product like crazy. You simply have to persuade this demographic that it is worth spending their money on your product.

  1. Did someone mention giveaways???

Ashley Ferraro, Dona Jo, Inc., states that her company uses contests and giveaways to create excitement and to expand their market share. It works perfectly, and it pays off big time.

  1. Recreate your product into a game

Brayden Olson, Recurrence Inc, believes that the secret of success, when it comes to Millennials, lies in recreating your product into becoming a game itself. Be creative, find a way to make your product appeal to Game Boy-addicted generation Millennials. Pokemon succeeded, so the sky is the limit.

  1. Bring in the “Easter eggs”

Adelyn Zhou, TOPBOTS, says that one simple trick will help you become a Millennial magnet – add surprises – Easter eggs, hidden jokes, messages, or features to your product.

  1. Shareable content!

Zac Johnson, Blogger, also is a strong believer in gamification as an advertising tool for Millennials, however he also strongly believes that shareable content is rewarding. It will launch your product worldwide.


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