Fully Funded Future Leaders Program 2015 in Brussels

Future leader is a term that includes those young adults who play an active role in the fight against poverty, have been involved in innovative projects to address global challenges in their community or want to share their vision of the future with other global leaders.

The program is looking for 12 extraordinary young people aged 21-26 from around the world who can represent the powerful impact that youth are having in the development field. The finalists will be ‘movers and shakers’ in their communities, who are able to speak at a high-level about a topic they are passionate about. 

Participants will speak in the auditorium panel discussions along with key political leaders, and have the opportunity to present their stories to the audience, engaging with the delegations of governments and international organizations. Prior and during the forum, the future leaders will have the opportunity to visit the EU institutions, meet relevant development policy-makers and present practices from their regions.

In order to apply, an application needs to be submitted online on the official website. Applicants must select a topic they wish to speak about from a range of subjects, such as “Gender Equality”, “Sustainable Energy for Growth”, “Inclusion and Inequality” and many more.

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