Full Scholarship to Enroll in the Master’s Programme in Russia


It is the third year the Russian Federation has organized the Open Doors International Olympiad. Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad can choose any field of study from one of the subject areas of the Olympiad and one or several universities in Russia running the Master’s program of their choice.

Youth Opportunity

The competition is aimed at talented foreign students who would like to enroll in a Master’s program in Russia for free. The competition winners will be able to enroll in the Master’s programme using a single-window system, choosing any of 500 Russian universities, including 21 leading universities-participants of the 5-100 Project.

Compared with a year earlier, a new subject area (“Engineering & Technology”) has been added, as well as the names of the subject areas “Philology & Linguistics”, “Computer Science”, and “Mathematics” have been changed into “Linguistics & Modern Languages”, “Computer & Data Science” and “Mathematics & Artificial intelligence” respectively.

The Olympiad includes 2 rounds that are held online. The first qualifying round is a portfolio competition (deadline is on December 18th). Those who have been successfully selected after the evaluation of the portfolios are invited to take part in the final round of the Olympiad.

Main criteria

  • A national of any country, except Russian citizens who has a Bachelor’s degree or is completing a Bachelor’s degree program in 2020, can take part in the competition;
  • Fluent in English or Russian language.

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