From Utopia To MadCool Fest: Hottest Music Festivals In Madrid


If you are looking for interesting events to attend, you will not regret it if you come to Spain. The beautiful city of Madrid will not only surprise you with its magnificent Retiro Park, or grand Plaza Mayor and excellent shopping … It can also welcome you with music. Check out this summer’s events, and be on the lookout for more. 

In a world full of deadlines, stress, and worries it is sometimes nice to find an escape route and even better if this escape can happen through music – taking everyone to an imaginary world full of the rhythms of dance music.

Last week Spain hosted Utopia – a music festival that attracted thousands of electro music lovers. People from all over the world came to celebrate. Without speaking the same language (in this case Spanish) they could still find connection through a common passion for electronic music.



Madrid is not commonly known as a city of music festivals, but things are rapidly changing. Summers in Madrid are hot, and not only in terms of the temperature outside but also the heat generated by all the great musicians coming to Spain. Next week, Madrid will open its doors to the MadCool Festival, a debut of indie rock music with an impressive line-up of Artists, including The Prodigy, Editors, Stereophonics, The Who, Two Door Cinema Club, Neil Young, Kings of Convenience, and many other recognizable names. The event will happen in Madrid’s ‘Magic Box’ venue – translated into Spanish as ‘Caja Magica’, which recently hosted a big tennis tournament – the Madrid Open.  The Caja Magica is an open-air, multi-level structure that houses three different floors. All three venues feature retractable roofs that overhang the seats. This design provides afternoon shade and relief from the Madrid sun. Most important, the roofs are a virtual guarantee that the show will go on regardless of weather conditions. At present, very few outdoor locations can make that promise.

But before you get excited about MadCool, let’s go back to Utopia Festival 2016.

Headliners at Utopia featured Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Rudimental, Martin Solveig, and many other musicians known not only to electronic music lovers but to anyone who likes to dance and have a good time. 



The DJs themselves were tweeting and instagramming about UTOPIA. Martin Solveig tweeted : ‘I played a house set on an EDM stage, still wanna improve but it feels good thank y Madrid #UtopiaFestival.’ Nicky Romero, Dutch producer, put his gratitude simply: ‘Muchas Gracias Madrid! <3″ David Guetta, famous French producer and world-renowned music-maker, whose albums have sold millions of copies throughout the world, and who has performed before hundreds of thousands of fans in festivals as universally recognized as Tomorrowland, instagrammed a photo together with another headliner, Italian DJ Alessio, saying: So nice to see @alessobackstage at utopia Madrid! 

And later made fans happy with another comical instagram shot with Martin Solveig, his French colleague:

People at the festival seemed to be excited and thrilled.

It was a great festival to share with friends from the afternoon until midnight. We really enjoyed the sun and the cold beer along with the music from some of the best dj’s! The atmosphere was amazing, especially when David Guetta came on stage, and everybody went crazy. I was not planning on returning on Sunday, but I had so much fun that I had to come back and it didn’t disappoint, with Armin Van Buuren as the highlight.’ – shares Jaime from Spain.



Utopia attracted an international audience, too. ‘I hadn’t been to a festival for a couple of years and I enjoyed going to Utopia a lot. It was a great atmosphere and you could feel that happiness that comes from the music and the beats right when entering the festival area. I spent the whole Saturday at the festival and it felt like Summer had finally arrived in Madrid! The place filled up during the afternoon and it got quite crowded so if you wanted some space to dance you would have had to go to the back of the festival area. I went back on Sunday night for a few hours to dance and to see the fireworks. It was two great days with sound music, great company and a lot of dancing and jumping!‘ – reflects Elena from Germany.

Now it’s time for MadCool to open in Madrid. Stay tuned for another report about this exciting new festival!

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