From Trash To Little Treasures

Paper to the blue bin, plastic bottles into the yellow, glass in white and green . . . then there are tins, beverage cartons, bio rubbish, miscellaneous waste, and I am not even talking about clearing out old cellars and attics and waste from the garden. The quantity of waste that is produced is enormous, and giving things a second chance might become more a necessity than just a hobby for a few enthusiasts. Check out our gallery with a number of great ideas for re-purposing old things and hurry up to find what you have available at home for your next project.

How to be creative, learn the most creative ways for recycling, don’t throw away your future, transform trash into treasure.

From Trash To Little Treasures: recycling
Plastic bottle: How to recycle?

Plastic bottles – the nightmare of today’s life. Recycling industries can turn them into blankets and sweaters, while you can gain new growing pots.

How to recycle the trash?
Trash or Green Garden?

Tins holding your herbal garden are brilliant idea.

Newspapers for recycling
Newspapers for recycling

Newspapers are already printed on recycled paper. In this case, baskets woven from paper rolls are the third round in recycling. With good final finishing, these baskets can serve you for years.

Everybody has clothes that are no longer in use. What if you make strips out of them and knit or crochet into new objects for your home…

Egg shells – great source of calcium. After drying and grinding they can be used in your garden. Don´t use them for those plants that like acidic soil.

Here are some ideas for flower beds. Old tyres.

An old bicycle can be well used as a beautiful flower stand.

Equally interesting is the boat with blooms.

A dish antenna can serve as a water dish for birds.

Have you recently trimmed your trees and bushes? You can use the twigs to build a charming fence for your vegetable garden for instance.

Palettes for garden furniture. Recycling magic od the trash. 

Don’t throw the future away, learn how to recycle and to be creative here.

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