From A Music School To A Talent Show

A 23 year old economics student, Hanad Dzehverovic, is a well-known young man in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reason for it is - he is a talented young singer performing with a rock group called Sixpack band, and because he is a contestant in one of the most popular talent shows currently on the air in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Being one of the potential winners, people recognize him in the streets but Hanad is not stressed about it. We recently talked to him to hear more about his expectations from participating in the show, his love for music, and his band. Here is what we found out.


When did you start singing? How did your love for music start, and how did it grow?

I started singing at the age of 5. I recorded a song for scouts from Zenica in a music studio, but at that age I just knew that I was supposed to sing, and I was a bit scared because of all the stuff in the studio. At the age of eleven I attended music school, and I was there for three years, but I didn’t like playing an instrument that much. I just loved singing, so I left the music school. I think that I was born with a love for music, because my mother is a musician and my grandfather, too, so I think that it is in our DNA. That love started to grow when I got into a band, and I think that that was the moment when I realized what music really is, and I loved it even more. 

You come from a “music” family. Do you think your family has, in a way, influenced your decision to want to become a singer?

That is true, my mother is a music professor actually and also the headmaster of a music school, so where music is concerned I like to say that she is a real beast. As I said earlier, her father was a musician too, he plays the guitar, and he is a good singer too, so yes they had a big influence on me. I remember watching my mom performing opera, and I remember the faces in the audience, they looked at her like she was a miracle, and they gave her a big and long applause every time, and of course I wanted to be the same.

You are singing in the locally popular Sixpack band with four of your friends. What do you enjoy more – being a solo musician or having a team of your colleagues with you on the stage?

Yes, Sixpack band is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. We are not just band colleagues, we are like family. I was always a team player, so when I perform somewhere I never go without my band, because if they are not there that’s not me, it just a part of me, not all of me, and I feel like me just if my band is with me, so I don’t go anywhere without them. 

What are your band’s future plans? New songs, new gigs, new videos?

Our future plans are a couple of new songs, new videos, and I hope more new gigs outside of our country, so people can hear what we do, and how we do it. I can only promise that if you hear us one time, you will call us again, because when we play we give our best.

If you look back on what you have done so far, what would you say is the biggest achievement in your career to this point?

The biggest achievement is that this band has stayed together for so long. In our country it’s hard to stay together as a band because of the financial status in it. As far as the playing is concerned, we have worked with many stars from our country, we have one single with a video that is very good and everybody loves it, we have made a name that has become like a brand for quality and good parties.


You have become a star on several very popular talent shows in the last two years. How did it all start?

I have participated in two talent shows so far, one is called “Zvezde Granda”, and the other that I’m participating in at this moment is called “Dio tima”. In the first one I didn’t get too far because I was young, and I wasn’t singing the genre of music that they were looking for, but in the other one I’m still in it, and I’m one of the favorites to win. I have a music producer, and he will compose a song for me, and I will sing it in the finals of the show, if I get that far.

You came quite close to winning in the first one but, considering your talent, it was just a matter of bad luck. Do you think your career would be much different if you had won?

Yes, it’s true. I think that my career would be different, but I’m only 23 so I don’t regret any of it, I’m still young and I’m getting better every day, and I’m sure that my time will come, and I know I can do it. 

You are currently participating in a popular talent show, “Dio tima”? How is it going on so far? Do you think you will win this time?

I believe in myself, and I’m doing my best, so I think I can do it. So far it has gone very well. In a couple of weeks I will record my own song, and I will perform it in the finals, if I get to the finals of course. I really hope that the song will be good, and that I’m going to win.

What is the most important experience you have gained through participating in show programs like that?

The most important experience that I have gained is that I have gotten to know what it is like to be a public face. When you are a public face, you need to be careful with your actions, you need to watch out for every word you say. You need to be patient, and sometimes when you have had a rough day or something like that, you need to cover it with a smile, so nobody sees it. Sometimes it is hard, but if you want to be a music star you need to carry all the things that it requires on your back.

Do you think the talent shows you have participated in have helped you to promote your work more? If you don’t win this time, do you plan to compete again in the future?

All talent shows give you promotions, some give you more, some less, but they really do. If I win it or not, I’ll compete again in a different show, because I really like these shows, and it is the best way to meet people that you can spend time with, and people that you can work with later on.

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